Monday, 5 March 2012

Down the memory lane - A letter to 13 year old me

Dear Nupur,
Life is like a omnibus of blind turns, you never know which turn it might take next. So live in the moment and be ready to accept whatever comes in you way. Life is definitely not going to be easy now. You will have a lot of pressure. Your parents will force you to take courier option of their choice, your friends will force you to take part in activities you might not really want to do and you will make many mistakes which you will later regret.

You will break hearts, probably many. Sometimes you will hurt the person who matters to you the most. So remember how you felt when someone broke yours. You will have your trust broken and sometimes your closest friends might do so. Don't trust anyone blindly and don't break anyone's trust.

Your parents will slowly stop understanding you now. They will become over-protective. They will stop you from doing certain things without  giving a reason. You will have sleepless nights. But remember, this is the age and never argue with your parents. Whatever they do, is for your own good.

And remember, be sincere about life not serious! This is a crucial time but don't lose your childhood in the process!
Have fun with your friends, take a lot of pictures, smile a lot. Cause every minute you spend in anger, you lose 60 seconds of your happiness :)

Fifteen year old Nupur

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