Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Why you need girl pals!

I smile with them. I cry with them. We share every drop of tear and every sorrow. My sorrow doesn't hide in the charm of my smile wit them. I can spend my entire day with them without getting bored. We need an excuse to be together. It can be anything from painting our nails to baking a cake. I have my own amazing gang of girls!

They are one of the reasons I am happy with my sex.A girl-girl bond is drastically different from a girl-guy or a guy-guy. There is so much to be shared and so much to be done amongst girls! the need for an outsider isn't felt! I love my gang of girls because

  • I can ask them what to wear, when to where and HOW to where without getting those 'Oh! As if I care' looks and get the best advice possible!
  • I can borrow shoes, accessories, jeans from them without ever caring to return it. They become your'Thirft shop'.
  • You don't just need an occasion to meet up. It can be anyday, anytime! your home.The aim can be anything from painting your nails to doing your homework.
  • You don't care how you look with them. I can be in my dirtiest shirt and messiest ponytail and present myself in-front of them.
  • You can do 'guy watching' together in groups :D
  • They are ANYDAY more understanding in every aspect than guys are! They dont need a pinch or nudge from under the table. They get your point with a glance in the eye or a wink.
  • I can hug them anytime! and can expect one anytime too. Girls show love and affection :)

Girls, you can have alot of girlfriends, but make sure you have a gang of girls! Life becomes fun with so many girls around (trust me) Why should boys have all the fun?

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