Sunday, 10 June 2012

Love is not just verbal

It was a cold night in the month of December and Delhi was freezing. The old scooter was moving by the speed of a snail in the lonely lane in the outskirts of Delhi. The little girl comforted in her mother’s lap and wrapped up neatly in a shawl clenched her fists tightly as the cold breeze hit her frail body. She was shivering and crying out loud.

She almost slipped from her shawl when her father stopped the rickety old scooter in the middle of the lane. Beads of sweat appeared on the mother’s forehead as she picked up her sari and brought the girl closer to her chest.  They continued the rest of their journey in silence.

Financial conditions were tough. Her father had to pay the house loan. At that time government officer’s salary wasn’t sufficient. He sighed. Once again he was reminded of the pain he was going through. It was a hand to mouth situation. But he didn’t want his daughter’s childhood to be like his. He wanted to give her the best he could. Thoughts raced in his head as he once again stopped the scooter, this time in a crowded place.
He smiled as the girls face bathed in moonlight making her look like an angel. 

Pain reflected on his face as his gaze fell on her clenched teeth and fist. He forgot all his financial problems and decided to buy a car at that instant. He couldn’t let his angel suffer.  He filed the loan application for his car the very next day.  Soon a new car was parked in their parking lot and neither of them had to face the severe cold of Delhi.

The little girl was me. Today she has everything a girl of her age would desire. And she believes she has the best father in the world J

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  1. hey nupur!!! i finally visited your blog! your stuff is gr8888 babe! plz keep writing n i swear on god that i'm no more sad that i couldn't become the magazine prefect as you deserved it far more than i did..... :) and i mean it when i say that!
    i needn't write my name but still..... antara