Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Who are you to judge?

As I type this, my eyes have narrowed into slits and I can only see the subject bar of my blog. Reason? Maybe you got it right.I have been crying since nearly two hours now because of my accountancy board examination.
Accountancy is the most dreaded subject for commerce students usually (exempt those who can do three digit calculations before you can say Jack Robinson) . Throughout the year I worked as hard as I could in accountancy. Solved many sample papers, memorized the theory, tried to get my concepts clear, but as realization dawns, everything seems worthless now. The damage has been done, beyond redemption.
Though, I cannot blame myself for it. When you get a wrong 8 marker, your confidence does shake and has an impact on your rest of the paper. But what I fear is the fact that I will be answerable to numerous people who have been my pillars of strength throughout the year. My dad, who took a 4 day off before my accountancy paper. My teacher, who constantly believed in me. I feel sad to have let all of them down.

This is for the smart souls, who are probably going to key in my roll number to get my result, probably even before me. Don't judge a persons Intelligence by his/her report card. 3 Hours judge NOTHING. Don't try to elevate yourself and derive sadistic pleasure from some other persons's result. Learn to be sensitive, learn to empathize.


Board exams, my bleak prospects of making into a college of my choice, the impasse political situation of our nation and the sudden intrusiveness of the 'concerned' all taking a toll on me and draining me of energy, and the inability to change anything in the above mentioned issues, troubles me more. But that won't dampen my spirits and my love for writing. (Atleast for now :p)
After all, there are SO MANY things to look forward too. SO MANY! :D I am going around for coachings, giving Skype interviews, extempores, morning walks, and basking in the joy of being a pass out :D (Just as i wrote this sentence, the flip side hit me immediately, but I'm not going to wander off in that trail now.)

This is not a full fledged write up, but just to let all of you know that I AM ALIVE. In all senses, by all means. And life is definitely going to be better in the next three or four years and I am desperately looking forward ti it!