Friday, 16 March 2012

Express your care!

A few years ago, when I hugged a guy best friend of mine I received one of the best compliments i have received so far.He sent a text saying "Thanks for the hug. Your are like a teddy bear. Nobody hugs me at home."

Initially,I had ignored the second part of the message. My eyeballs fixed to the first part. Was i soft or gentle enough to be called a teddy bear? Or was he referring to the extra weight around my belly? But the second part moist my eyes.

My military background has privileged  me with a huge collection of friends. Some gentle, some not so gentle. Some are conceited others are overconfident. Some are happy how their lives work, some just cant accept the way its working. Some believe they have the best lives, others are just depressed.
The reasons for depression vary from broken homes, low grades, under caring parents, being victim of bullying etc. Whatever the reason maybe, I hate seeing teens depressed! Aren't they supposed to be full of energy and a zest for life?

There was a point when I had gone into a mild depression. I had experienced a downfall. And i was just not strong enough to cope up with it. At that time I had friends who made me feel better and forced me to believe that life is worth living. I can never thank them enough :) They have taught me how to live positively.

Since then I try my best to keep my friends and acquaintances out of this phase. you don't need to do much. Just hug them and tell them that there is someone to whom your existence matters and life is truly worth living it :D
I did it a few years back and still am. Are you?

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