Thursday, 8 March 2012

So jobless!

This is probably my 4th blogpost of the day. And i wouldn't mind posting a few more :p Its almost been a year since the day i took baby steps into the world of blogging and now i am acquainted to start a new year!  ow, my life is confined in a 500 sq. feet room and my blog. I have become the dull nerdy girl I used to hear being sometime ago...

Once I too had a perfect life. I had achieved success. Winning the best elocutionist trophy and being crowned as the 'Student of the year' had marked the beginning. I had won my school elections and was writing my own column in a teen magazine. But destiny had something else in store for me..

I moved to Mumbai. And sometimes some changes which happen in a spur of moments have the power to change a chain of event that follow. Initially everything had its own charm, but the glittery phase soon faded away and now I sit in front of the computer screen trying to draw inspiration.

I was known to have the loudest voices amongst my friends! My mom used to refuse to take me out unless I promised to keep my voice low and avoid embarrassment.
I had the best group of friends. My little world where I could be lost anytime.
I shared a amazing bond with my mother. I didn't need to tell her if I was upset. She could sense it. She knew all my deepest darkest secrets.
My smile was the best amongst the group and a couple of times, strangers complimented me for it!
I was confident enough to go upto a stranger and strike a conversation.

The only time I talk is when someone asks me a question.
I had no friends to speak of. My phone's battery is dead and my trust has been broken.
I hardly talk with my mom. Our usual conversations involve whats cooking in lunch/dinner.
I dont remember the last time I ACTUALLY smiled!
If someone talks me me i stammer and can't think of anything!

and sometimes, you just have memories left with you.

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