Saturday, 12 October 2013

Random Rants

Old jeans, old wine and old relationships. Some things just get better with time!

I had thought of taking a sabbatical from writing, but because of the amazing response I have been getting lately I dropped the idea. I got more than 1000 views last month from all over the world :D
Just wanted to let you know, that i really really appreciate comments and would love to know your views about my blog.


  1. Isn't that a great feeling? :-). I am a new reader, and I am hoping you will give me a lot more to read :-)

  2. Till the time I keep getting good feedback from readers like you, nothing in the world can stop me to write :D

  3. I read all your blogs nupur... You are one amazing person.... We don't talk as much as we used to , but just letting you know that you i miss u. And you are the best friend I've ever :)

    1. Ayee thank you :D
      A very special comment for me. And the anonymity makes it even more special. Text me once, if you have my number, I ALWAYS reply.