Sunday, 11 March 2012

7 reasons I CAN"T fall in love and have perfect marriage!

I sneered and a broad smile of satisfaction spread on my face after I had completed an half an hour long debate with my mother on the topic given above. After successfully winning the argument, I decided to show the humorous side of me on my blog! 

How it started
I'm quite firm on my decision of not marrying. My mother isn't pleased it with though. She asked me to give 7 arguments which justify that i simply CANNOT fall in love and have a perfect marriage. So here it goes

1. I don't wear salwar-suit. So my dupatta can't fly in high fashion and land up on a guys face.

2. I don't wear salwar-suit so again my dupatta cant get stuck in some guys shirt button!

3. I don't have a childhood Bestfriend who is still with me. So i cant grow up and realize after 20 long years that I'm in love!

4. I don't know how to kneed dough (ata gundhna) so I can't imagine any guy coming and help me do it and
then we miraculously fall in love!

5. I am going to do CA intern. That means no college for me. So I don't expect any rich, spoilt boy travelling with me on the journey from enmity to friendship and after 4 years confessing his love to me :p

6. I don't wear to high heels. Even if i do, I don't atleast stumble in them. So I cant fall in love with someone at the workplace after i break my heels and accidentally fall in his arms. (bliss)

7. Guys don't usually abuse me in public places.(don't ask me why!) So I will have no hero fighting alone with 10 guys and giving them punches all over their face or anywhere else :D(hehe!)

MOM I won this argument! :D

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