Friday, 9 March 2012

I miss!

I miss my days in Delhi, where I was in a all girls school. Yet there was minimum amount of bitching/gossiping. Me and my gang of girls travelled in every nook of Dwarka.

I miss the days when dad would come home in the evening and get a soft toy or some special stationary just to see the surprised look on my face.

I miss my childhood guy best friend Amey. We had been together from the day he has born and stayed friends till we were 4.(I last met him when we were 13)

I miss my days in Baroda where we had a campfire in the park and asked each other daring questions. One of the elder guys out there played guitar. (Isn’t that the best atmosphere heard of?)

I miss the evenings when mom used to make apple/orange/lime juice for me considering caffeine was unhealthy for a 7 year old. (Precisely now I live on it.)

I miss my eating golgappas and mughlai food in Delhi and going out with ice cream with my family late night.

I miss going to Tanmaya’s house or she dropping over mine in order to finish some homework and end up doing nothing.

I miss going in school in a Van in Baroda and the way me and Sappy troubled the elder guys out there yet they took it sportingly.

I miss my days in Ooty when horses were the most convenient mode of transport (Really!) and we didn’t have a summer uniform.

I miss the days when my sister was just too small to understand certain things and I could get away from everything putting the entire blame on her.(Did I ever mention my wicked side on this blog?)

I miss the last time I played holi. It was in Baroda. I had the best company out there! After I left that place, I didn’t play holi. It has been 6 years.

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