Monday, 26 March 2012

Things money cant buy :)

In the on going debate of money vs. everything else, I decided to post my thoughts. I would not say 'Money is nothing.' specially after visiting a mall and eyeing everything expensive but pocketing nothing. Money is indeed important for a better living! But money and happiness are apart. Happiness doesn't necessarily come with money (well atleast for me!)

Money cannot buy the joy of

  • writing something creative
  • winning a prize with your own effort.
  • an amazing conversation you have with someone you meet after years.
  • being in a 'group'.
  • waking up at two or three and realizing you have much more time to sleep.
  • coming home from school and your mom surprising you with your favorite dish
  • being complimented my a stranger.
  • acing a test you thought you would flunk.
  • scoring the highest marks in the class.
  • a great evening spent with your family sipping coffee.
  • watching the sunset :)
  • switching on the TV and being surprised to see your favourite show is on!

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