Thursday, 22 December 2011

Its complicated

natural numbers->Integers->rational numbers-> polynomials->linear equation in one variable->linear equations in two variables->quadratic equation

The above order just made me realize how things get complicated as we grow up.
Sometimes its we who like to complicate stuff. 
In class one if i had a fight with my best friend, it would resolve within minutes and the next day we would forget what had happened and go back to being best friends again.
In class five if i had a fight with my best friend, It would take a couple of days for us to talk. And then we would go back to be best friends but still have that grudge in our mind.
And now in class tenth, If we fight, I would take weeks to resolve and even if we start talking we would be convinced that we cannot be best friends again.
I have a theory which says every human being has glasses on their eyes which makes objects appear bigger than they are. I mean how does it matter if we talk or don't talk? Do i become the most depressed person on the earth? Why does someone have to cry if their love in not reciprocated? Does life end here? 
Then why do we always tend to think in the wrong way and complicate our lives? This obviously didn't happen when we were kids.Right? Why cant people be happy even if something in their life is not right? Why cant people see things as they are?

Growing up complicates stuff. It truly does. 

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