Thursday, 29 March 2012


My life has been changing gears at a stunning speed lately! Zooming past things so fast which leaves me in utter surprise and amusement. It was only a few days ago I step into the city of dreams (Mumbai,India) and now I'm acquainted to start a new journey!

It has been a year since I left Delhi, half of my world behind. And a lot seems to have changed. Both externally and internally. Tall buildings and honking cars have been replaced by a lush green environment and a stupid senseless lanky teenager has been replaced by a bit more mature individual. Mumbai has helped me create my identity.

 Leaving the Mumbai-Delhi debate aside, I talk about general changes which have happened to me. My spectacles turned extra large, my weight has increased surprising too much and my height has increased too(maybe only a little!)

Changes are inevitable. They happen to everybody. Your surroundings change, your teachers change, your friends change (sometimes a bit too much!) and most importantly You yourself change!
Changes aren't to be cursed,they are to be accepted positively. No matter how positive or negative they are cause the only thing constant in you life is change!

P.S: I just got into high school! I'm a big girl now :D

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