Monday, 19 March 2012

Add 'ZING' to your life!

I love the way some people live life with full zest. They squeeze out every drop from life and relish it. They don't fear making mistakes. They fulfill all their wishes, spend their money, live life without regrets. I wish I could lead  such a life someday.
You never know what may happen next. You have everything at one moment, the next moment life cruelly snatches everything away from you. So it is important to take everything 'positively' and add ZING to you life!
How? Let me tell you :D

1. Get a Hobby
In this competitive world, academic excellence is simply NOT ENOUGH. Learn something new. Play the keyboard, learn guitar, write a poem, cook something new, click pictures. There are so many activities and fields yet to be explored! When I get bored, i pick up my guitar or look for inspiration for a new blog!

2. Socialize
Make new friends. Talk to the girl who has been looking at you since quite a while. Say 'HI' to the guy whom you see everyday. To add ZING in your life it is important to meet new people and develop new bonds.

3.Get a new look
Cut your hair in a different way this time. Experiment with your wardrobe. Streak your hair! :D Next time when you go shopping, buy something you don't usually wear. I either experiment with my eyes lenses/spects/ new spects or my hair long/short/ponytail

4.Connect with nature
Once in a while, it is important to explore you inner self. You should be 'self-aware'. Aware of your own strengths and weaknesses. So go on nature walks. Explore natures beauty. Hear the birds chirping and soothe your eyes with the greenery that surrounds you.

5. Do something adventurous
Try something which will give you a lifetime memory. It can range from scuba diving, star trekking to adventure sports.
I once went to explore forest with my friends. It was a lifetime experience :)

Life has so much to offer! Go explore the unexplored, do the undone!

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