Monday, 19 August 2013


I am so sorry I couldn't complete the ten day challenge. I can get REALLY lazy at times and didn't feel like writing *sheepishly hides in the corner*

Well the thing is, my studies are in full swing and I have no time to spare for my blog baby. However, I will be back soon with some interesting posts! Till then, here is something to ponder about

Monday, 12 August 2013

Eight fears...

I fear

1. Fear itself. There is no fear greater than fear itself. I fear that my fear might confine myself to my comfort zone and restrict my growth.

2.Being judged or being misjudged. That is my biggest fear.

3.Being cheated by somebody.

4. Dogs and lizards.( Like any other 'normal' girl in the world)

5. Death of someone close.

6. Losing a close friend.

7. Change.

8. My mother and my principal :p

Sunday, 11 August 2013

9 loves!

1. When talking about loves, chocolate is the first thing that come to my mind :D Ask my mother how much I love chocolate, and she can write an essay on it!

2. I absolutely love reading books (thriller,romantic,mystery,psychology,motivational). I could spend all the money I have on books, and not feel guilty about it. I have a drawer in my home filled with books which i have purchased from the money squirreled out from my pocket money over the years.

3. My blog is my baby :D It has been around two years now, and definitely comes in the list of things I love.

4. I have probably mentioned this more than 100 times now, and the domain name also speaks for itself. Purple has been my favorite color since quiet some time now, and this is one thing that would not change even as the years roll by!

5. I am a girl who has grown up in Delhi, but matured in Mumbai. My life revolves around these two cities and I owe my sense of identity to the remarkable experiences I have had in both the cities.

6. I am totally the 'live to eat' person. I can splurge all I have on food and not feel bad about it :D A self confessed glutton, food definitely is one of my 9 loves.

7. I am the kind of girl who can bond with people, but doesn't make friends easily. Over the years, I had the pleasure and privilege of knowing some wonderful people who have always stayed by my side and never ever made me feel lonely. I don't have to mention their names, they know who they are :)

8. When I talk about my loves, how can I ever miss my little sister? She is a bundle of joy and has been my partner in crime since 11 years now!

9. Last but not the least, I would like to mention my family. They have been a constant source of encouragement throughout and it is because of them I have evolved as a person.

Saturday, 10 August 2013

10 day challenge

Came across the 10 day challenge on someones blog and I really liked it! :D
Ten secrets on the first day! Damn :/ Being a secretive person this is gonna be hard. But well here it goes :D

1. I don't cry very easily, but when I do I keep on crying for hours and hours :p Also, I like to look at my reflection while crying cause I look red and swollen like a tomato :p

2. I absolutely HATE brushing my teeth before going to sleep. I try to skip it when I can, but that is rare cause my mom pushes me to the bathroom even when I' half asleep :/

3. I have a really really weird crush history :p One was 2 years junior, the other was 2 inches shorter :p

4. When I am lying, it reflects on my face. I am very very expressive. Usually when I lie, I stammer.

5. Once in second standard I had pulled a guy's pants down because he was making fun of me :p

6. I have a unique way of getting secrets out of people (Wink wink)

7. I once went to the market with my shirt worn in the wrong way. It was only when I came back my mom told me about my big blunder -_-.

8. I have a major thing for brown eyes and dimples.

9. If there is one person in this world, who can make me cry when she cries, it is my sister.

10.  I don't like 90 out of the hundred people I meet.

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Random rants

Guftgu un se roz hoti hai
Muddaton samna nahin hota

Jee bahut chaahta hay sach bolen
Kya karen hausla nahin hota

Kuchh to majbooriyan rahi hongi
Yun koi bewafa nahin hota

-Mirza Ghalib

Friday, 2 August 2013

List of things you should do while you are still in school

I was digging a blissful state of nostalgia today, a song on the television today brought back a million memories, the highs of pure joy and a chain of thoughts brought me here. As I scan through memories of my nomadic school life, I present a list of things one should do when your still in school.

1. Ring the fire alarm and slip away as quickly as possible
This one was done by a friend in 9th grade, who out of curiosity rung the fire alarm when she was with me. Soon the entire school had assembled in the school ground :p including students who were giving their exams :D
(Warning: Avoid if your schools have cameras, you might land yourself into soup :p)

2.Go to a trip in a different city, or a water park
Before 10th grade, I had never ever been on a trip or even a proper picnic with my friends. I had the pleasure and privilege of being a student of army school and going to one of India's best water park :D The water slides, wave pools and bus ride make me make my toes curl, even today!

3.Learn to ride or navigate a vehicle
When both my cousins had perfected their driving skills on their scooties, I had a valid reason to persuade my dad to get me one. Even with multiple scratches both on my scooty and my body, I have no regrets as I was able to strike off one item on my wishlist, driving scooty on Marine drive!

4. Make prank calls!
I am sure everybody must have done this once in their lifetime. Fun doubles when your friends are your partners in crime. One prank call a few years ago, landed me into trouble :p So I stay away from this practice now!

5. Perform
Being a shy and underconfident girl in my initial years of school life, I missed this opportunity, But later when it knocked at my door I grabbed it and chased away my fears for the years to come! A bharatnatyam performace as the main lead, was an experience I will never ever forget.

Please be free to add more items to this list. There are some things which cannot be posted on this blog has it has no viewers discretion :p