Tuesday, 21 August 2012

My radiators!

Its amusing how people miles away from you can make you feel much better than the people sitting right text to you. They can make you laugh like crazy on a phone call and make you smile by their one text. When you are upset, they make you forget all you worries and teach you how to appreciate life. They force you to believe that there will be sunshine after the darkest night. They are beaming with energy and act as your 'radiators'.

I have such friends too, who can make me smile on my worst days and their presence is like mid-summer rain.

Simran, Tanmaya and Simran
Whenever I feel the need to elope from the world where I'm forced to hear criticism and verbal assaults I cannot evade, they are just a phone call away. I can talk to them about anything and everything. From the new metro shoes I've picked up at sale to the new maths teacher at my school. Unique sense of comfort envelops me when I'm with them. I feel like I'm in my little own world where negativity has no place. They are always ready to listen and welcoming.

In the past I've shared some moments with them which are some of the most beautiful moments of my life. Walking to each others house directly from school, ringing the fire alarm, hiding the art teachers paint brushes :p,dancing on regional language songs or having parties and lunches on three consecutive days!  We have had it all!

Tanmaya is a girl who I look upto. Shes my friend, my mentor and also my inspiration. She has got a very strong conscience and can make out the fine line between right and wrong. She is a epitome of a perfect girl, and I must say she is getting prettier day by day :)

Simran Miglani is one of the most positive people I've come across. I bet she will even smile on her way to jail :p I can talk to her for days! and shes the one who has been updating me about stuff since I left Delhi. Her smile can kill millions and her laughter is infectious!

Simran Sharma is very different from the usual girls. She is peppy, fun loving and non judgmental.She is my partner in crime! She is an extremist and if you become her very good friend, in no condition she will let you down! Moreover, she is the one who listens to my jokes with great interest ;)

 So everytime someone says, "Girls cannot be best friends" I smile and say, "well, you never know!"

This is a part of the crazy stuff we did! :p

Monday, 20 August 2012


Sitting in a circle by the campfire with friends in the month of December, singing songs and conversations punctuated by laughter and the fluttering of dragonfly wings.
Sound like a scene pulled out from a Bollywood flick, but these were the moments which I have myself experienced and can be defined as one of the most beautiful moments of my life.
Inevitably, my brain churns and looks out for more such moments which never fail to make me smile and are my 'mood-lifters'

Not long back, I got a call from one of my friends. I responded with a hello, but he went on. "If you don't come to your front door in ten seconds, there will be a bomb blast at your gate." Thinking it to be one of his another childish pranks, I ignored the call. Exactly ten seconds later, I heard the bell ring. My grandmother opened the door, but there was no one there. She continued to stand there for the next ten minutes. Soon my friend came out from his hiding, thinking my grandmother would have gone inside. But she had not, he got caught and got the scolding of his life :p I laughed for the next whole week.

Once while travelling in my car, I peeped outside the window and saw something that astonished me. A man was on a two wheeler with a woman holding on to him and three children that clung to the scooter like people on local trains. The fourth child was on the woman's lap, it seemed he would fall off the very next moment! My expected reaction was to say "Gosh! four kids!" But blame my luck, or my genetic problem of saying out things a bit too loud, that the person on the scooter heard it. "There's one more to come!" He grinned and the scooter zoomed away. *facepalm* I could feel my cheeks getting hot and red.

Here I give you an account of three incidents in my life which have broken life's monotony and given me priceless memories which will go in the mental cabinet where I store things worth remembering. This blog post has become a catalyst. A key to unlock so many memories which become my mood lifters.
At no point, life is perfect. If one thing gets into place, the other falls apart. So all one can do is preserve beautiful memories in the form of Polaroids in the brain and cherish them!

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Best things in life are free :)

Just dropped by to say hello :)
Cannot be active as often as before now :( Commerce is damn tough! And Maths makes me weep! I try my best to write a short story/poem once in a while and will be posting things as soon as i get free. Meanwhile, I saw an amazing picture, and I had to share it wid you :D

Random rants

History indeed repeats itself. It's funny how we started from being strangers and ended up becoming the same.

The only difference is that time we couldn't talk often, and now dont want to talk that often

Friday, 3 August 2012

Im back

I have been away from my blog for sometime. Probably because I have been too tied up in studies and have not let the creative juices within me flow!
Its amusing how a single day, or week perhaps can change your view about so many things. It feels like the black cloth from your eyes has been removed at an instant and the world around you appears much more brighter, clearer.
Same thing has happened to me. I believe that we get life only once (ignore all those people and mythological tales which say seven) and one should make full use of it. When you love someone (not talking about the mushy romantic love here) love them with your full ability. Cross all limits.Don't blame or suspect new poeple in your lfe for the things old did to you. Only if you learn to love without fear, you get the true essence of life. Hug your parents more often, tell them you love them. I'm sure most of you don't remember the last time you said that!
Spend time with your grandparents and absorb knowledge from them. They don't have much time left either. Forgive a friend who has been demanding an apology since long, apologise to the people whom you have hurt. Life is too short to bear grudges and spend time with your loved ones. So what are you waiting for?

Love and laughter,