Friday, 21 June 2013

Lost Nightingale

She left her home for a new abode,
wanted to taste freedom in the new city
Abandoned the forest for a big town
The nightingale young and free

The city life grew upon her
It had things the forest did lack
The new place accepted her with open arms
And now there was no looking back

Slowly as time flew by
loneliness started creeping in
On the surface, life seemed just perfect
But she was miserable deep within

When the city life lost its charm
She felt she was depressed and alone
She wanted to return to where she belonged
But now she had lost her way home

She lost her voice, lost her speech
Her songs drowned in the noise of the city
Her wings entangles in invisible wires
She felt trapped in a cage, overcome by misery

I did make some mistakes, have a few regrets
I did fall hard, but did never fail
I mourn the loss of my identity
I search for the lost nightingale.

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Before Dawn

This is a poem very close to my heart. Might not be one of my best works, but this is something that came to me spontaneously. I am not writing my interpretation of the poem cause different people can have different interpretations of it. Write your interpretation below :)

The sky fades to black,
Darkness sets in.
Soul drained of hope,
No possibility of a win.

In the world of lost chances,
Content in just an illusion.
As I fall deeper down the bottomless pit,
I look for an escape route, not a solution.

Rising tides and falling hopes,
Give birth to a thousand fears.
The dawn would break, the world would know,
Our story might just end here.

I fight the fears and take a chance,
Not caring about what might happen.
Let's escape into another world
Before the dawn begins.


Wednesday, 12 June 2013

The moment you stop making mistakes, is the moment you stop learning

Scared and under prepared, my knees quivered as I walked onto the stage for a debate competition selection. I stood on the stage, my heart thumping a thousand beats a second. Before I had begun speaking, my leg got entangled in a wire of the mike and I fell with a resounding thud. Though the auditorium was not too crowded cause I had chosen to go last, the people who were present got a good view of my knickers.
This is one day I am voluntarily trying to delete from my memory. But haven't succeeded in doing so even today :p

Looking back, I realize how stupid and naive I was at that time. If the same incident would have happened to me today, I would have got up, brushed myself and started off with my debate. Two years down the lane, I was a starry eyed girl who would view the world with her rose tinted glasses. I lived in my own world where there was no place for any sort of negativity. I was looking at the world from a keyhole. But in these past two years, I believe the full door has been thrown open. I am getting a better view of things. My horizon has expanded. Life has got a different meaning. I have grown up in so many ways that the people who knew me two years ago say its hard to recognize me now! And I have this feeling that this change will remain constant for a lifetime now :)

And I believe that if it wasn't for the mistakes I had made, I wouldn't be the same person I am today. In the past two years, I made every mistake I could. Some were genuine mistakes any teenage lass could commit while the others were intentional, Committed with full consciousnes.But every mistake made me a wiser person. Every mistake gave me a story to tell to others.The potpourri of experiences and mistakes add a critical flavour to life.  Looking back in life, I don't regret anything. Because the moment you stop making mistakes, is the moment you stop learning

Sunday, 2 June 2013

I wonder how we do this

I wonder how we do this. Pretend that everything is okay on the surface but deep inside, it hurts. The pain still lingers on, even after time has passed and things have changed. We never discuss it, but it is still a part of us. We work together, talk, play and act like everything is okay.
What we don't realize is that keeping things good on the surface isn't good enough. A lava too appears calm, before it explodes.