Monday, 26 March 2012


Another tag! so here it goes

11 random things about me

1. I have once been suspended from school for three days when I was in sixth standard. (don't ask me why!)

2. I have 4 cavities in my teeth and plan to get a silver capping within a year. (smile please :D)

3. My favorite color is purple. And I go bonkers behind it! (you could have guessed that!)

4. I had won a national level art competition when I was in class three.

5. I was the Times NIE Student Of The Year 2009-2010.

6. I used to be a zonal level swimmer in 5th standard. But haven't stepped in the pool since a year or so.

7. I can eat upto 20 samosas in a day. (And I mean it!)

8. I once had a bird called twinkle, which I had brought home. It died due to lose motions.

9. I am a numismatist. I collect coins of different countries. I have already collected coins of 46 countries and counting!

10. I have a habit of talking out loud in public! (Don't blame me! It runs in the family :p)

11. I have around 6 e-mail ids which i operate.

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