Thursday, 22 December 2011

Its complicated

natural numbers->Integers->rational numbers-> polynomials->linear equation in one variable->linear equations in two variables->quadratic equation

The above order just made me realize how things get complicated as we grow up.
Sometimes its we who like to complicate stuff. 
In class one if i had a fight with my best friend, it would resolve within minutes and the next day we would forget what had happened and go back to being best friends again.
In class five if i had a fight with my best friend, It would take a couple of days for us to talk. And then we would go back to be best friends but still have that grudge in our mind.
And now in class tenth, If we fight, I would take weeks to resolve and even if we start talking we would be convinced that we cannot be best friends again.
I have a theory which says every human being has glasses on their eyes which makes objects appear bigger than they are. I mean how does it matter if we talk or don't talk? Do i become the most depressed person on the earth? Why does someone have to cry if their love in not reciprocated? Does life end here? 
Then why do we always tend to think in the wrong way and complicate our lives? This obviously didn't happen when we were kids.Right? Why cant people be happy even if something in their life is not right? Why cant people see things as they are?

Growing up complicates stuff. It truly does. 

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

A new beginning

This December marks the end of 2011, and the beginning of a brand new year! Due to my optimistic view towards life, I have always considered endings to be a beginning for a new things.
Life is a omnibus of blind turns. And mine was changing gears at a stunning speed before it halted in the middle of nowhere and life took a neutral gear. Nothing much interesting is happening right now. My bus neither moves forward nor backward.

I really hope 2012 will set new goals, targets and adventures for me!
For those who didn't know, I'm turning fifteen on the third of January. No sooner i did realize that i was going to be a year older and a year wiser too! For me growing up doesn't simply mean getting freedom or adding more candles on the cake. Growing up is not only physical. You grow stronger emotionally and spiritually every new year!

2011 has indeed taught me a lot. Some of the facts i will cherish for the rest of life. It has taught me if you trust somebody a lot, they will simply walk over you. It has taught me to love yourself more than you love anyone else. It has taught me to keep certain things to yourself. It has taught me its not good to peak in others life's, It has taught me that we have to find our own definition of our lives. It has taught me how to be sincere and not serious.

The core of my blog will be that every new year, every new experience has something or the other to teach. Absorb inspiration from everything around you. Grow up to form a mature individual full of values and rich experiences.

(P.S: Don't forget to wish me on january 3rd :) )

Saturday, 17 December 2011

10 things that make my day :)

1. Waking up and having open chilly cheese toast in breakfast with a glass of mango juice :).

2. Listening to all the good things that people say about me. Positiveness keeps me alive.

3. Watching rerun of roadies and an afternoon show of jane tu ya jane na!

4. Having a burger from McDonalds with a huge glass of pepsi.

5. Doing oil painting, doodling and sketching. I simply love art! Its a great stress booster.

6. Going out with my friends who make me laugh till my cheeks hurt.

7. Talking to an old friend over the phone where she tells me how much she misses me and we talk about the fun we had :)

8. Listening to my favorite songs on Youtube :) and thumb fight with my sister,

9. Shopping! Probably to westside, Levi's or Globus.

10. Playing an amazing prank with a friend!!!

Friday, 16 December 2011

A ray of hope

Unable are loved to die
For love is immortality
                                    Emily dickinson

“Promise me you will be there with me forever!”
“I promise.”
These were one of the few promises I made as a child. Promises with which I struggle to cope up with now. And when I had made this promise to my friend, I never knew it would hurt so much.
Not long back ago when I got to know that she had passed away, I was in a state of shock. My eyes became blood red and a lump developed in my throat as my mother narrated the incident. I had never lost a dear person before. Coping with the loss had to be hard, very hard. Especially when It was a promise of lifetime.
I lost her in an accident. She was travelling from a bus which unfortunately crashed into a truck. The sad part was she was the only one who died.
The grief wasn’t easy to overcome. Often I would sit under my comforters for hours sobbing the whole night. Sometimes I would dial her number and realize that she would never pick up the call. I would cry when I laughed at a joke and could not hear another laugh as loud as mine. I would see her picture and cry for hours wanting her to be there with me. My eyes become moist even today as I talk about her. Superlatives can define how grief struck I was, but what evokes terribly was the “Forever factor.”
Yesterday for a change, when I went to the sea-side. My gaze rested upon the sun which after spreading its radiance all around was retreating into isolation. That is when I realized that the sun comes up every day, spreads brightness and sets. But it never goes away. It marks every new day. The same way by friend had gone nowhere. It’s not just that I could not see her anymore nor could hear her laughter. But I could sense her presence. Every time I achieved something I could sense her patting my back, every time I cried, I could sense her wiping my tears.
My friend had gone away, giving me a ray of hope which will help me survive till my last day 

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

A tribute to the awesomest girl i know!!

What makes your day? Talking to a loved one? Getting complemented by a stranger?scoring good in a class test?or having fun time with friends?

Well, all of the above do certainly make me happy but i cannot say they make my day! What makes my day is talking to my best friend Tanmaya!
We live in different geographical coordinates. But that doesn't make a difference. does it?I still can call her at 12 and tell her how horrible my maths teacher is and tell her how much I miss her.
I can call her and ask her what to do with the friend who stabbed me on the back and she will give the best advice possible.
I don't have to tell her how sad I am because she can sense it from my voice.
I can make fun of her 'dracula teeth' and she can make fun of my height but we burst out into peals of laughter after that!
I don't wake up everyday and tell her that she is my best friend and how much she means to me because she already knows it :)
Sometimes i sit in the class and remember the fun we had together(facial, yas u :p) and i am punished by my chemistry teacher!
I miss every dam thing about her. Her hair, her smile, her society and the way i sprang into her house and helped myself with her lunch box :D
I love you a lot tanmaya! and life seems dull without you :(

Friday, 9 December 2011

Chaning times and friendships

"What hurts the most is when you were once so close and now have nothing to say.
But watch each other walk away."

I sit beside the sea as my gaze rests upon the sun which spreads it arms on the sea and colors the faded sky. My ears mute to the beautiful scene in front of me. I toss away my hair as they fall on my face and obstruct the view. Before I knew it, I was lost in though and I was taken back to the visual when I and my three other friends would come here not long back.
I suck my breath as I narrate this incident and my heart skips a beat.
I was pretty different from what I am now. Others opinions didn’t really bother me. I wasn’t affected by anyone’s love, like or dislike. Gossiping was the last thing on my list. Every evening I would go out with my three friends. We would laugh; play pranks on people and crack jokes. We were inseparable
We came to the sea side every evening and watch the waves as they hit the shore with great intensity. The month of August and its rains couldn’t disrupt our meetings. We made excuses, lied to our parents and bunked our tuitions. It was just because we enjoyed each other’s company. There was no formality.

A gentle breeze stirred me awake from this whirlwind of thoughts that had engulfed me completely. It was then I realized that things have drastically changed now. And no matter how much I try, that time can never be brought back.
I sit and wonder what happened to that friendship? Is it still imprinted in our minds or did it get perished in the shore of time?

Monday, 5 December 2011

It's never too late

There is always, at any point of time one person in our life on whom we are completely dependent. Our actions, thoughts and movements are guided by them. We give away ourselves completely.

But what happens when the person doesn't return the love, the care the attention?

We cry, taunt, persuade, cajole, force them to think in our direction..then we walk away.

What i believe is, if the person really likes you, they will make an effort to be in your life. They will talk to you, call you, text you.If they don't do so..It's better to walk away.
One day or the other, the person WILL realize how important you are and  return. If they don't good for you :)

Till then find a person who truly likes you and will return your attention.
Send flowers, hug, talk and text such awesome people in your life~

Believe me, it's never too late to do so :)

Friday, 2 December 2011

I'm the type of girl

I'm The
of girl

that can listen to music whole night that inspires her.

Who can cry whole night when things don't turn out her way

who is deeply affected by someone's love, like or dislike

who cries while watching operas and emotional movies

But at the same time she is strong

she has the power to let her love go

she has control over her emotions

she knows when and how to make decisions

she will be no one, but herself

Yes, I have made mistakes in life. I have let many people down. I have made them cry and also at times, myself cried. I've taken advantage of people and let them take advantage of me. But what matters most it that i have LEARNT from my mistakes. 

I have seen things the way they were but that never stopped me from smiling. 
I'm strong, free-spirited and determined.
I'm the master of my destiny.

I believe in living life to the fullest, smiling till your cheeks hurt, having friends who love you, dancing in the rain. I believe in miracles.

In the end we only regret chances we didn't take and people we didn't talk to. The rest really doesn't matter! Love life, live life is what i believe it

Note to myself..

Certain promises have held me still in the flood of time which could sweep me away. So here i present the maxims i live by and swear to!

1.There is no single person you can completely trust. At one point of time or the other, your trust is going to be broken. And that is the time it will hurt the most. So sometimes, its better to keep certain things to yourself.

2.Nobody can understand you as well as you can understand yourself. Let it be your spouse, soul mate, mom, sister or even your best friend. Yes, they might understand to a large extent.

3.People only learn when they themselves live the lesson. One learns through their own experience. So its useless to make someone understand what it was like.

4.There is going to be a point in your life, when the person you love and care for the most is going to walk away. Patience is the key to solve such a problem. After a few days,weeks,months or even years sometimes! the person WILL realize your value.

5. No person is bad at heart. At some point of time or other, they are going to help you,comfort you and make you feel better.

6.Life is truly unpredictable. You never know what might happen next. Live for today. Express what you feel and celebrate!