Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Hear what I DON'T say!

A hazel brown eyes instantly light up and a plastic smile sheepishly spreads over my face when someone comes up to me and asks me "Are you fine?" on a gloomy day when I am visibly tired and upset and my eyes express dissatisfaction. The reply is cliched and old. Not worthy to be mentioned here. But what upsets me is that the other person walks away after hearing the reply even though he is convinced i am lying. Was it just a formality to ask me? or he DID want to share the pain?

Just because I say 'I'm fine' its not that I mean it. How awkward it may look when you come up to me and ask me if i am fine and I start blabbering how tragic my life has been lately and m stuff toy got lost? (pun intended)

  • I want someone to look deep in my eyes and say "Whats the matter?" when I pretend to be fine.
  • I want someone who can straightaway give me a hug without knowing the reason behind my sadness
  • I want someone who can lighten my mood with a chocolate icecream when he senses the pain in my voice.
  • I want someone who can remove my extra large spects and wipe my tears.
  • I want someone who can hear what i don't speak.

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