Friday, 23 March 2012

Nupur's guide to blogging

It feels proud to get an overwhelming response to your blogs and views from all over the world! (Yeah..Really :D) What adds to the charm is when people come and ask you "How do I start blogging?". Your chest expands by three inches and a broad smile signifying contentment adorns your face. So here I answer all questions about blogging and a few tips.
For me, blogging is very personal. I have been doing it for a year now and lot of emotions go into it. My blog is very personal to me. Its not just another writing space, its close to my heart. I started blogging to express my views on certain issues which I cannot do on any other social networking site. And now its addicting! I sign up everyday to check the number of views or write a few more posts.
Enough of blabbering, so here I present


  • Who can blog? Many people have this misconception that they cannot blog if they aren't good at writing or aren't 'creative' enough. My friends have come up and said that to me. I DO NOT AGREE. Blogging is not about creativity or how big and difficult words you use. Its about how expressive you can be. Its how effectively you put forward your views. You don't have to preach others, just stimulate a though.

  • What do I write in it? Its TOTALLY up to you! That is the best part about blogging. There are no rules and you can freely express what you feel. This is not a creative writing class where you have to be specific and worry about what you write and how do you have to write. 
  • How do i make my blog attractive? You can make it attractive by adding templates changing the font and colour of titles and sub-headings. I add pictures to make it look interesting. A picture is worth a thousand words as they say.
Some personal tips from my Pandora box!
  • Be clear in what you write. The piece of article should move the reader and stir their senses. The point should get well across the reader's head.
  • Make the blog VISUALLY APPEALING. Add visuals to it.
  • Don't get too personal on your blog. It is important to interact at a personal level with your readers and fellow bloggers but writing too much about yourself and be cliche and boring.
  • Your articles should CONNECT with the public. Don't write something which keeps people wondering and leaves people pondering "What has he/she written?"
  • Dont cut/copy paste articles! That is a big NO. I condemn this practice. Your writing may not necessarily be the best but should be more signifantly YOU.

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