Saturday, 28 September 2013

So much has been written about 'being real', 'being true to yourself' and 'being who you are' that it makes me want to question my own beliefs. We live in a society that scrutinizes every decision we make and never restrains from making judgement. Every movement of ours is guided by the societies point of view and not our own conscience. In this kind of environment, the question that crops up is that "Should we blindly follow our desires or some actions should be guided by he society as well?"

The truth is that I cannot answer this question. Like any other poet or author I could have concealed the truth with layers of diplomacy, but not long time back I had taken a vow to be true to myself. And standing by it, I wont let my thoughts wander away far from reality. Right now, I am facing the same dilemma. School will end in a few months and a new journey will began. The decision to be taken in a matter of a few weeks, will have the power to change the course of the rest of my life. One wrong decision might have serious repercussions. So right now, my heart wanders in one direction and my mind sways in other, but I'm pretty sure I know what will keep me happy in the long run.


Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Live in the moment

Its ironical how nothing exciting or worth mentioning is going on in my life right now contrary to what has been on my mind lately. Life has changed gears at a stunning speed, I have transformed from a starry eyed teenage lass to somebody I am yet to come in terms with. But the one change that has been the most fascinating one, is the transfer of the decision making authority from the head to the heart.
Being a wallflower in my initial years of school, my mind had been the sole decision making authority right since the beginning. Desires were suppressed and the heart was consoled like a little kid who is refused his favorite candy. The 'excuse' would be "It will pay in the long run" or "Momentary pleasure are no fun, one should plan for the long run". Every time I stifled my desires, I would recollect the quote by the renowned poet Robert Frost "Miles to go before I sleep". Sadly enough, I wasn't introduced to any poet who wrote about living in the moment. If I would have been introduced to this philosophy a little earlier, probably I would now have had more memories, more friends to cherish and more photographs hung on my bedroom wall.
The reason why I call this change ;fascinating' is that I had never anticipated it or seen it coming. I often joke that If I would have met the present version of 'Me' two years ago I would have actually hated myself. Strange but true. I don't know how fruitful this change will be, I don't know what it will bring about, all I know now is that at least I will have memories to cling too. 
My heartfelt gratitude to those people who have succeeded in altering my perception. The people who laugh their lungs out at the silliest of things, who live in the moment, who dance like carefree souls. You are the people who have understood the true essence of life, you know the reason of your existence and will continue to inspire the world even when your mortal souls exit the planet earth.


Monday, 9 September 2013

A tribute to the Uttarakhand heroes

The tragedy that hit in Uttarakhand left the whole country shocked and devastated. While the rest of the nation was trying to get over the loss of their loved ones, there were some people who risked their lives to save the thousands of people stuck in Uttarakhand. The least we can do to make them immortal is by keeping them alive in our hearts. My friends from Mumbai pay a touching tribute to the brave soldiers who lost their lives in the rescue operation.

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Experience and change

It has been a transforming experience, an enriching one. The definition of friends has narrowed, but the horizon has widened. I have started looking at things from a difference angle now. I don't know if this is change of perception or growing up, all I know is that life seems easier . Expectations which were not met could have become disappointments, but they became experience instead, failed friendships became lessons. Loss now means learning, and a lot of other words have been redefined in my dictionary.
This change is a result of bottled up emotions that I had held on for so long, and now when it has exploded I am glad is has happened the way I wanted it to.The change was anticipated long ago, but the magnitude was unknown. I am glad that I am a wiser person now. For I believe, that "Experience is what you get when you don't get what you had expected."