Sunday, 31 July 2011

Sister series Part II

What's your type?
Sice most of my target viewers are already teens or o the brink on teenage I'm going to tell you about the different types of boys and girls that exist and from whom you gotta stay away! All you have to do is pick you type!

Mr. Perfect
As the name suggests, Mr. Perfect is always striving for perfection. A little bit here and there, he will twitch his nose. Let it be his uniform, work, notes everything must be perfect and expects the same from everybody. He is punctual and has a sense of responsibilty. Practical and ambitious he lives in his own world!

Mr. I don't give it a damn!
Unlike Mr. Perfct, Mr. I don't give it a damn! doesn't give it a damn! His hair are messy and his shirt is probably two days old. He takes bath once a week and can even eat rotten food! But unlike other people, he is not judgemental and helps people when in need. He is a great listener and has solution for evey problem.

Mr. My family is my world!
Mr. Family is my world is full of traditional values. If his family says no, it's a no. He is the most caring and loving brother and an obidient son. He thinks what his family thinks is correct and what others think is wrong . One great thing about this man is that he will always do what is right, no matter whatever happens!

Mr. I don't believe in love!
Okay, so this one is my favourite! This man has this motto in life "girls come and girls go." The perfect cansanova, he is charming and romantic. However the romance may last only for a short time!

Unlike the men in all the previous categories, this man believes that we get life only once and thus must live it to the fullest. So he is into everything! He is spendthrift and laidback.

Full of laughter and enthusiasm, his stock of PJ's can never get over! He can make you laugh on your gloomiest days. He is sarcastic and understanding.

Mr. Wannabe
This one's totally gross. He has a misconception that branded wear and listening to English songs and dancing like MJ can make him look cool. He has no personality of his own and keeps running behind latest trends and stuff.

Go ahead and pick your type! Drop your comments below.

Friday, 29 July 2011

Weighty issues

I knew I had gained a few pounds after coming to Mumbai when I could not fit into the pants which were once apon a time to loose for me. My waistline has expanded by 2 inches in 2 months.(!!) So I look up for a diet chart on the internet and plan to loose 4 kgs in 2 months. A series of thoughts all interconnected to each other, got me to think what kinds of problems fat people face.

1. Constantly ridiculed by family members.
2. Made fun of.
3. Restrictions are put on their eating habits and burgers are replaced by Salads.
4. Made to exercise and run till they faint.
5. Cannot wear clothes of their choice.
6. Made fun by the teachers. ( I have seen this happening!)
7. Dance teachers think they are useless. ( this too!)

1. Everytime a fat person thinks that he or she is actually pretty, other people pull him down.
2. Their entire childhood is lost since they cannot eat what they want.
3. Some fat people are also ostracized by classmates.

1. Fat people usually have a good sense of humour.
2. Fat people are emotional.
3. Fat people are good listeners.
4. Fat people don't usually try to pull other people down.

After thinking about this for hours, I came to know that even fat people have feelings. They are just like us. They are among us and need to be treated that way.

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Sister series Part I

Okay, because a lot of people told me I plan to start the 'sister series' I decided to go ahead with the plan. The idea is to help you out with the problems you face with different things in your life. I will be giving you tips and you can mail me whenever you want. So I hereby present the first ever part of the 'Sister series'!

Sister series Part 1#
For those in 9th and 10th, exams start in a month or so. So I will give you some great tips to score well in your exams. Because Social studies is a subject in which most of the students face problem, I'll tell you how to tackle that. If you follow my tips religiously, no one can stop you from scoring full marks. So here it goes

1. One major mistake that we make is to memorise the questions and answers even before reading the chapter. First read the chapter, and while reading write down the questions that can come for the examination with the help of a pencil. Read the chapter at least 5-6 times and then try to answer those questions on your own.
2. Start the preparation month in advance. Since the syllabus is lengthy, read atleast one chapter everyday.
3. Make notes on all the important names, dates and places and read them in the morning or whenever you get time.
4. Write and practice!
5. Solve sample papers available on websites and in guides.
6. Ask any elder to demonstrate Civics and Economics to you as they are practical based.

1. First practice your NCERT throughly. Examples included.
2. Then move on to R.D Sharma. Practice each and every illustrative example.
3. Study maths for one hour each day without fail.
4. Solve all the sample papers available.

1. Read the chapter and learn all the textual questions.
2. Practice grammer 1 hour daily from refferance books.
3. Learn 2-3 words daily to improve your vocabulary.
4. Solve previous years question papers and write essays.

Sunday, 24 July 2011

The sound of rain

I spent a part of my life in Baroda, Gujarat. It was a relativitely small city and would take barely an hour to go from one end to other. I used to live in a colony called Manhar park. Surrounded by lush green trees Manhar park was a peaceful area. I remember a lot about that place. And can give a vivid description too. The flowers that adorned the walls on the main street, the German shephard which would bark incessantly at me and the lighthouse which was rumoured to be spooked, the dhobi who would buy me toffees everytime I met him.

But one thing I clearly remember about the city is the excitement rains brought with them. The day it would rain heavily, the street would turn into a muddy stream, our own version of the nile! People would swim in it.! Literally.Sometimes it would rain so much that we would have a day off. We would all go to the park and dance like retards! throwing muddly water at each other and splashing in pools. One after the other, I would tirelessly make paper boats from the little hands which after going with the flow, would be out of my sight.
The smell of freshly made pakoras would penetriate in my nostrills and would tingle my taste buds.Once me and my friend while playing in the rain, caught a toad and brought it home. What days were they!

Now after six whole years, I am in Mumbai. It does rain here. Probably ten times more it rained in Baroda. But it doesn't excite me as it did earlier.  There are no muddy water fights, no days off, no dancing, no best friend.
But, i still eat pakodas :)

Monday, 18 July 2011


While randomly pressing buttons on my remote I came across a  TV show that was pretty different from daily soaps. It made my cheekbones hurt at a few places and also moistened my eyes. Rather, It shifted me to a transistory phrase.
I was peacefully enjoying it untill she said something which disturbed my grey cells."Sometimes while pretendeing to be someone else, we actually become it." were the words to be precise. I find the situation quite similar to mine. I pretend and lie about almost everything but didn't know that when you lie about yourself, you become a part of it.
I realized that sometimes we pretend so hard not to pretend that we almost make ourselves believe that we are not in fact pretending...

So, here I bare my heart and share my deepest and darkest secrets.
(Psssttt. no leaking!)

  • I pretend that I like punk music. Actually i don't. Forget about liking, I cannot stand it. When I tried hearing it, my eardrums were at the verge of bursting.
  • I pretend that I hate dance. Even thogh I am not good at it (I almost dropped my partner while doing salsa). I enjoy watching it. I love to shake a leg whenever I get the opportunity.
  • I pretend to be a goth/emo and sometimes dress like one too( to the horror of my mother). But I think it looks totally pathetic.
  • I pretend that I like branded/designer. Even though I own quite a few, I think street shopping is the best and quite a bargain!
  • I pretend being dumb and stupid. While in reality I'm quite serious.
  • I pretend that I have hundreds of friends. But in reality, I am a girl who no one even wants to talk to.
  • I pretend that I don' believe in love anymore. But I know It exists.
  • I pretend that I hate pink but in reality I don't think its bad at all! (ps. light shades ONLY)
 8 already? Could write a book on it if mom wouldn't have been shouting to go to bed. But I realize that all these days I was lying not only to others, but myself too.

Thursday, 14 July 2011

A day to remember...

13 July,2011 a day India can never forget. It has been on my mind since a long time and has been brought to the surface by media coverage. What do I have to say? I was just a mute spectator to the terror that unfolded my city.

26/11 can also not be forgotten. As a citizen of this nation, daughter of a defense personnel It is my duty to tell everyone
Remember not to forget
Dont forget how many families were destroyed
Dont forget all the people who laid down their lives so that we have a sound sleep.
Don't forget people who had sleepless nights doing justice..
In all the negitivity spread, some positive things also came to the fore. People irrespective of their religion, caste, creed profession came together. We are allowing parties to divide us on different bases. But we must stand united....

W got to hear collective voice of the youth. We came together strong, loud and comitted
Its time to think how each one of us can get involved individually and take action against this henious crime.

It doesn't take an anniversary to remind us of our duties...does it?I
t's time to rise, lead charge, lead support and make a change!

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Give them a chance

Want to know how was Stanley ka dabba?
Go to your nearest theater. The cacophony that usually surrounds the theatre will be replaced by moist eyes and sealed lips. No, i don't mean to say that the picture was boring. That would be the biggest lie. But It has something which reminds us of our 'dabba' days.

No matter how young, we all have been through a phrase of life when we kill ourselves completely to meet others expectations. We kill our wishes, desires and dreams. We cry, beg and throw tantrums. with our parents to let us not go to school.
 But we do not know how many children in India could achieve great heights if they would ever get a chance. Our parents become bad at that moment when they ask us to switch of the TV and study or perhaps get to bed. ( for a girl like me who gets to bed at twelve). But we tend to forget sometimes that we are fortunate enough to be given a change.

Give them a chance too. There will be smiles on two faces. I bet you!

Random strokes

Seven random things by Mrs. Random personified as herself

I don't usually watch English movies (apart from those disney animated ones). Or lets say, I dont like watching them. If there is an English movie coming on TV I quickly pick up the remote. (side note: BTW, I loed Godfather and Life is beutiful)

I ask billion questions in an hour. Sit with me for an hour so and you will know why.

I am a migrane and asthematic patient which is ofcourse not dangerous but immensely disturbing.

As a kid, all the friends I had were Boys.

I usually talk to small children to reveal their family secrets ( If you have children in your family keep them out of my reach)

I want to grow up and become an industrialist. Not because I want to make piles of money but because business has always fascinated me.

I never wax my leg hair..

Seven already? Could write a book on it! Drop your comments below