Friday, 30 March 2012

Celebrate who you are!

A few days ago while mustering my eyes on a dusty old book about Great Philosophers something caught my attention. It was a quote which said
"Being someone else, Is a waste of person you are."
Subtle and sweet, these lines led me to think how so many people around us disregard themselves. Their lives, their choices and step into someone else shoes! They wear a completely new and different identity for some reason. Strange
I, however have never felt the urge or need to do so. I have made mistakes in the past but am proud of who I am today.
  • I am proud of my academic and non-academic achievements.
  • I am proud of my almond shaped eyes which are concealed behind by big horn rimmed spectacles.
  • I am proud of group of friends. They might be slightly maniac, but still I AM PROUD of them :D
  • I am proud of my Rich cultural Rajasthani heritage.
  • I am proud of the experiences I have gone through cause of my military background.
  • I am proud of my writing skills :)
  • I am proud of my orating skills aswell!
 Why be someone else when you have so many things which others might want and envy? 

Celebrate who you are! Being someone else, is a complete waste of your capabilities.

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