Thursday, 31 May 2012

Versatile blogger :D

I feel so honored and privileged for receiving the versatile blogger award from Anjali.
Little did I know that when I would start writing a year ago, It would open so many doors for me, my blogs will be admired so much and  it would become a journey to self-discovery for me. Thanks Anjali! It means so much :D
So the rules are :
1, create a new post
2, Thank the lovely person who nominated you for the award
3, Pass it on to your fellow bloggers
4, State 7  random facts about you
5, Claim and post the award pic

Now passing the award to my favorite blogger
Seven random thing about me
1. I am ABSOLUTELY in love with the color purple. (the domain name says it all!)
2. My favorite place in Mumbai is Marine drive and Kala ghoda. Can spend a day there if I want.
3. I love it when someone compliments me on my eyes or smile.
4.My secret aim is to turn the whole world vegetarian.
5. I detest mangoes. Can eat anything, but mangoes.
6. I feel proud of myself cause I know what to do in life, and how to get there. My vocational choice is a combination of aptitude and aspiration.
7. I HATE it when someone checks my phone, drawers or my diary without my permission!!


Wednesday, 30 May 2012

For the most wonderful woman in my life!

She looked  straight into my eyes sternly as she seated herself on a chair pulled next to mine and told in a calm yet bold tone “At least try Nupur! You cannot give up. Besides this is something you are good at. You will win, And even if you won’t we will always be there.”
Reluctantly, I agreed to participate in the competition. She was there when I spoke in an auditorium filled with 2000 eyes staring at me pointedly. It was with her encouraging words and a pinch of my talent, I rose as the winner of the rolling trophy. My mom has always been my pillar of strength.
She was twenty three when she was blessed with me. An age a little too young to be a mother. She left her well paying full time job in Delhi to take care of me. Today when I question her why did she do that? She says that her priorities are different and she doesn’t regret leaving her job.  It’s from her I learn to keep my family first everywhere and making sacrifices for my loved ones.
She is a great lady. If I owe my sense of identity to someone, undoubtedly it’s her. She has always taught me that it is always better to stand out then fit in.  So when I would cry like a 5 year old every day before going to my new school in a different city because I wasn’t accepted by my classmates , she would hug me and give me assurance that everything is going to be alright in a few days. She never taught me to back off and encouraged me to face my fears with courage.
When I was on the brink on teenage, she had detailed discussions with me about how children get misdirected and a lot of other things as well. I never had to hide something from my mother.  We discussed everything from books to boys. She also exactly knew who my crushes were.  Right from that time I had decided, if I ever become a mother. I would love to be like her.
Today I’m taller to her, and she continues to be my best friend and best company to the mall, parlor or even a video game store.  She has tried her best to be a supportive mom of an eccentric teenage girl and yes, she has succeeded.
I just don’t love her. All kids do that. I also admire her for being my pillar of strength and being a wonderful woman throughout. She has taught me to be independent and take my own decisions. Years later, I will also thank her for the things she has stopped me from doing now.  I will always cherish her presence as a distinct sense of comfort envelops me when I am with her. J
And I love her too cause besides my grandmother, she is the only person who thinks I’m beautiful: p and also because she lets me eat her slice of chocolate truffle pastry.

 Love you mumma and wish you a very happy birthday!

P.S: She has turned 39! still young to be a 15 years old's mom :p  And her birthday was on 27th, but couldn't access net that day.

When you say, Life is tough

Who says life is tough? It is simple :)

You just have to

Know how to smile during hard times.

Learn the value of hard work and determination.

Realize the fact that your parents may not raised you the way you want, but have tried their best to make your life comfortable.

Have an optimistic approach towards everything.

Talk less, listen more.

Have a strong conscience and know how to say NO.

Know your boundaries and priorities and organize life on that basis.

Spend time with your loved ones and ignore the people who disappoint you in any way.

Realize who is important to you and whom are you important to.

Is it really that tough? I dont think so!

Rain connects dots

Rain brings back memories,
Rain connects dots.
Rain brings back the pain of separation.
The happy memories which dissolve into silent tears.

P.S: This post is for a friend of mine who met me during the monsoon rains and got separated in the monsoon of the next year. Rain brings flood, flood of memories. 

Tuesday, 22 May 2012


I was left awestruck when a friend walked upto me and asked me that is Why do I cry narrate from MY point of view?
Was surprised me more was 2 other friends asked me the same question :/
So just wanted to make it clear that my poems are totally fictional! To write poems, you need to be an emotional baggage. Fortunately or unfortunately I haven't gone through much so I write from that point of view! I don't keep anyone in my mind while writing poems. Terribly sad people interpreted in the wrong way :/
Good thing is, I know more people are reading my blog now :p

Love and laughter

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Time heals wounds

Time heals all wounds,
Time lessens the pain.
Like after the scorching sun,
There is a little rain.

Friday, 18 May 2012

Random rants: Only hope

When the rest of the world chooses to walk past,
And the lights go off.
Ignite that spark
And be my candle in the dark.

I'm strong, but have my weaknesses

I am stronger than the wine,
But weaker than the glass that hold it.


Hello :)

Just decided to drop by and say a quick hello :)
SO if your wondering what I'm doing nowadays, the obvious answer would be I'm vacationing!
No not in Hawai, or  London or even Goa (closer to home). I'm vacationing in Mumbai itself.
Reading fellow blogger's blogs, painting, a little cooking, reading books, watching movies and smiling. (atleast trying to)
My results will be declared by the end of the month. So doing everything fun before I get taunted by four family members :)
Will be posting something interesting really soon! So be hooked
Love and Laughter
Nupur :)

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

I'm happy even without you

I see the sparkle in your eyes,
And the love you have for me.
I'm sorry to let you down,
But together we cannot be.

I have so many aims in life.
So many dreams to chase.
I need to win every battle,
And earn everyones praise.

You promise to treat me like a princess,
And keep me happy too.
But the truth is,
Im also happy without you

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Afraid of light

The wind whispers something into my ears as my feet crush the vagrant leaves and the sound of the sea hits my eardrums with great vengeance. It's difficult to provide reasoning for every feeling, every emotion my heart feels and every though that strikes a chord within me and stirs up a new set of emotions.

The raindrops settle on my skin as I toss the umbrella away and rejoice the sensation of first rain. I disdain the presence of any other individual in the vicinity and some scrutinizing eyes as my both arms rise to admire the beauty of the evening sky and close my eyes allowing the rain to soothe them with their calming effect.

The evening sky filters the sunlight through it which whispers to me silently that soon the sun will betray me and drown itself in the night sky. Lately, I have been more afraid of light than dark, because light can leave you anytime and anywhere, in an intricate mess.

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Lost her way home

Poetry is something with which I would prefer NOT to experiment but this poem is very close to my heart. I mean each and every word in it. It is not fiction, It is what I truly feel at the moment!

The girl you see in the mirror is not me,
Cause this is not how she used to be.
She once could kill with her infectious smile,
Now she is doing it all to make her life worthwhile.
She smiles but her eyes a tunnel to her soul reflect the pain,
But the agony and longing is here to remain.
Nobody talks or questions her, her life is an open book
For people to creep up her nerves and take a look.
She finds herself in darkness, covered by horrors of shade
Yet in this unconquerable situation, she finds herself unafraid
She doesn't cry, she doesn't whine
Cause she knows after the darkest night comes the sunshine
She's not broken, she's not torn
She is just a girl who has lost her way home.

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Give your heart a break

My life has been changing gears at a stunning speed since a past ! It has shifted from neutral gear and I'm ready to embark a new journey. Caught in the web of responsibilities and social commitments, I hardly found time to take a deep breath and analyze about my past, think about present events and make choices for the future.

My usual moments with 'myself' would involve scanning through all the memories of events which happened a few days ago and giving a deep though to how to react to it. I wanted to untangle those intricate knots that had been formed in my heart and were the reason of my immense pain. I felt like a bird entangled in the kite strings crying out for help.

Then suddenly, a friend of mine advised me to give my heart a break. This involved distancing yourself from all the negativity around you and clearing all of it. Let it be irritating people or even a messy drawer. Sit by the window and deeply analyze all the things that have been happening to you, and what impact have they left of you. So I did, I took a deep breath and sat beside the window.

I looked outside my window pain as the silver filaments of rain obliquely strike the earth with great vengeance. I felt like I was in an alternate universe ignorant of all the happenings around me. Sounds blended to conceive a mellifluous euphony of the pitter-patter of raindrops, the sound of a firefly buzzing outside the window and the swish of the leaves. I was oblivious to any other presence in the vicinity and had a surreal feeling that time was moving by and the world around me had come to a grinding halt.

I gave my heart a break. And once in a while, everyone should


Apologies over the past 15 years of my life to different people.

1. Apologies to the McDonald's staff for carrying the ketchup sachets home before they introduced a dispenser.

2.Apologies to my friend, on whose face I spat by mistake a million times.

3. Apologies to my mother for compelling her to raise hand on me when she had her Mehendi on...raising hand me had spoilt it completely!

4. Apologies to my Maths teacher for cursing him after each and every exam.

5. Apologies to the nurse, whose eardrums were on the verge of bursting when I had to go for a blood test.

6. Apologies to the shopkeeper, whose precious time I would waste bargaining over something I never wanted.

7.Apologies to the Stall owner outside my school whom I gave a torn ten rupee note purposely.

8. Apologies to my family members, for torturing you with my LOUD and shrill voice.

9. Apologies for pinching that young girl ahead me in the temple line (she pushed me first!)

10. Apologies to my blog readers, at my attempt towards a humorous blog post. And yes, all the above mentioned things are absolutely true! 

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Down the memory lane- conservatism and clothes

One thing which I LOVE and totally appreciate about Mumbai is that you have full freedom and nobody can be the obstruction in your happiness. You can do whatever you feel like without eyeballs popping and raising eyebrows. Your skirts can be as short as you like, your tops can be as transparent as plastic (or call it translucent ;). Of course you will get some stares, but nobody will be seen whispering something in the other persons ear or pointing fingers at you.

So when I went to Jaipur to attend a marriage, I had forgotten how conservative city it is and how your choice of clothing can affect people around you.

I sat in the living room of my Grandfathers house dressed in a White top and light blue skirt above my knee ready to go to the market with mum. When suddenly my grandfather, whom i lovingly call Nanu entered the room.
"Why don't you get ready?" He said a little annoyed. "We are already late."
"What?" I replied a little panicked. "But I AM ready!"
"Is this what you are going to wear?" He said. The sarcasm in his voice was clearly visible.
"Yes!" I said as I rolled my eyes and shrugged nonchalantly.
"Oh well then.." He said a little embarrassed and left the room.

My mother who had witnessed the incident chuckled.
"He must be a IIM-Ahmadabad alumni and have traveled all around the world! But his thoughts haven't changed a bit."
I laughed along too. Old habits hardly die.

Down the memory lane- Age miracle

Whoever said shopping is a 'therapy' should be hanged to death! Children of shopping loving mothers should  fully comprehend to what I'm saying. Walking in streets, markets and malls for hours with an empty stomach and a splitting headache accompanied with numb legs in NOT my idea of a therapy.

A few years ago, I had to accompany my mother for some Diwali shopping. My mother was busy negotiating the price of curtains and drapes with the shopkeeper, while a beautiful handbag caught my attention. Not much of a girly girl, my female hormones take the rage sometimes :p I had a sudden urge to buy it. But I knew my mother wouldn't have let me, not in a MILLION years. Considering the fact that I NEVER carried a handbag.And as a matter-of-fact I didn't need one! So when I went upto her with an inch of hope that she will let me buy it, her answer was a blunt NO with a nonchalant shrug. I sulked.

Then suddenly the shopkeeper who was a female while suggesting some suits and duppatas to my mother said
"Mam, If you don't mind, Can I ask you a question?"
"Yes." Replied my mother. Her eyebrows had twitched.
"Are you married?"
My mother hid her grin as she replied with a twinkle in her eyes. I have a 13 year old daughter! (yes I was thirteen at that time)
"Oh sorry!" She replied a little embarrassed. "You look much younger!"

My mother left the store as her cheeks flushed red. And if you are still wondering, she DID let me buy the handbag ;) I mentally thanked the shopkeeper.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Number three

3 things you should know about number 3

1. I was born on the date 3 :D
2. The number of 'true' friends I have ever had.
3. It is my lucky number and follows me like EVERYWHERE!

3 things that scare me

1.Liars and fake friends
3.Needles and syringes

3 things I love

1. Spending time with my 'special' friends.
2. Writing something creative.
3. Eating to my heart's content.

3 things I want to do before I die

1.Buy my parents a really exotic house and a car :D
2.A vacation to Egypt with my friends.
3.See my grandchildren read and admire my blog ;)

3 things I can do

1. Squint my eyes in a really weird manner :D
2. Comprehend and understand someone to a large extent.
3.Wear a six inch heel for hours!

3 favourite foods

1.Cheese Burst pizza
3.Extra cheese burger

Quote of the day :)