Saturday, 17 March 2012

Family outing, balloons and more

Last week we had a FAMILY OUTING. A thing which i loved in the past but now seems like a cliche to me. My dad wanted to go to some dhaba, my sister twitched her nose in disgust. I proposed to go to some beach. All others showed disapproval. Finally Marine drive was agreed upon. Dad drove the car. Mom was sitting on the front seat. We sisters seated ourselves at the back. My dad kept asking questions and cracking silly jokes to keep the conversation alive. I was busy texting.

Finally, we reached our destination. Mumbai indeed looked beautiful. For my Non-Mumbai blog readers, this is the place.

I was lost in my thoughts with the beautiful sea in front of me. My family outing was much better than i had expected it to be. Dad brought some sandwiches from the nearby stall. I took part in my family conversations too. After becoming a teenager, I realized I had forgotten that fun can be had even with family.
We laughed, guffawed and had fun. I don't remember the last time i spent 'quality time' with my family.
Then, a helium balloon seller passed my us. I don't know why, I had a strange urge to buy them (they didn't fascinate me much). I persuaded dad to buy some for me. He didn't deny. I brought the purple ones. Khushi chose her usual 'PINK'.

When we had to leave, I released the balloons in the sky. I realized that sometimes, we just have to forget everything and live in the moment. We have today with, and thus we must make the best use of it. Have fun, spend time with your family.
Cause some moments are like helium balloons, once gone never come back.

I indeed had a great time with my  friends family!

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