Saturday, 31 March 2012

On accepting and being accepted

Being surrounding by friends is a great feeling. Soaking in the charm of companionship and embracing them with a smile.
We all have certain expectations from our friends. And we expect our friends to fulfill them regardless of our own actions and words. It is human nature. Expecting from people and not accepting instead.
Friends are like a puzzle,one completes the other. It always fascinated me as a child how pieces perfectly fit into one another!
I thank my friends for accepting me as I am and made sure I didn't feel left out with you :)

  • I thank you for accepting me with my short temper.
  • I thank you for accepting me with my gluttony habits.
  • I thank you for accepting me with my big mouth which speaks up everything on being questioned by teachers.
  • I thank you for accepting me as your a little eccentric and bookish friend who thinks books are a persons best friend.
  • I thank you for accepting me as your 'not so cool' friend who didn't know who Eminem and Rihanna were until two years ago.
  • I thank you for accepting me with my little out of the box ideas!

We all demand acceptance but it is important to accept others first! :)

Friday, 30 March 2012

Celebrate who you are!

A few days ago while mustering my eyes on a dusty old book about Great Philosophers something caught my attention. It was a quote which said
"Being someone else, Is a waste of person you are."
Subtle and sweet, these lines led me to think how so many people around us disregard themselves. Their lives, their choices and step into someone else shoes! They wear a completely new and different identity for some reason. Strange
I, however have never felt the urge or need to do so. I have made mistakes in the past but am proud of who I am today.
  • I am proud of my academic and non-academic achievements.
  • I am proud of my almond shaped eyes which are concealed behind by big horn rimmed spectacles.
  • I am proud of group of friends. They might be slightly maniac, but still I AM PROUD of them :D
  • I am proud of my Rich cultural Rajasthani heritage.
  • I am proud of the experiences I have gone through cause of my military background.
  • I am proud of my writing skills :)
  • I am proud of my orating skills aswell!
 Why be someone else when you have so many things which others might want and envy? 

Celebrate who you are! Being someone else, is a complete waste of your capabilities.

Thursday, 29 March 2012


My life has been changing gears at a stunning speed lately! Zooming past things so fast which leaves me in utter surprise and amusement. It was only a few days ago I step into the city of dreams (Mumbai,India) and now I'm acquainted to start a new journey!

It has been a year since I left Delhi, half of my world behind. And a lot seems to have changed. Both externally and internally. Tall buildings and honking cars have been replaced by a lush green environment and a stupid senseless lanky teenager has been replaced by a bit more mature individual. Mumbai has helped me create my identity.

 Leaving the Mumbai-Delhi debate aside, I talk about general changes which have happened to me. My spectacles turned extra large, my weight has increased surprising too much and my height has increased too(maybe only a little!)

Changes are inevitable. They happen to everybody. Your surroundings change, your teachers change, your friends change (sometimes a bit too much!) and most importantly You yourself change!
Changes aren't to be cursed,they are to be accepted positively. No matter how positive or negative they are cause the only thing constant in you life is change!

P.S: I just got into high school! I'm a big girl now :D

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Curious as a cat-III

1) Do you prefer gold or silver Jewell?
Silver any day. Gold looks so mushy and old.

2)What one thing which you have done has pleased your parents the most?
Winning a state level elocution competition!

3)What is your favorite smell?
The smell of freshly painted walls, shoe polish and petrol.

4)Can you do a cartwheel/handstand?
No cartwheel, but yes I can do a handstand only if im wearing a really long top and leggings :p

5)Name your least favorite chocolate and why?
Five star cause it gets stuck in my teeth and I have to brush my teeth after eating it!

Hear what I DON'T say!

A hazel brown eyes instantly light up and a plastic smile sheepishly spreads over my face when someone comes up to me and asks me "Are you fine?" on a gloomy day when I am visibly tired and upset and my eyes express dissatisfaction. The reply is cliched and old. Not worthy to be mentioned here. But what upsets me is that the other person walks away after hearing the reply even though he is convinced i am lying. Was it just a formality to ask me? or he DID want to share the pain?

Just because I say 'I'm fine' its not that I mean it. How awkward it may look when you come up to me and ask me if i am fine and I start blabbering how tragic my life has been lately and m stuff toy got lost? (pun intended)

  • I want someone to look deep in my eyes and say "Whats the matter?" when I pretend to be fine.
  • I want someone who can straightaway give me a hug without knowing the reason behind my sadness
  • I want someone who can lighten my mood with a chocolate icecream when he senses the pain in my voice.
  • I want someone who can remove my extra large spects and wipe my tears.
  • I want someone who can hear what i don't speak.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Some great truths you will never know

Unlike all my other blogs, this one wont have an introduction. By the title you can make out what it is to be about. So lets go!

1. No one can understand you, how much you can understand yourself. Let it be your parents, a teacher, your best friend or even your lover. You have to understand yourself.

2. All the decisions you make, should be made keeping you and your parents in mind. Cause honestly, no one else will care.

3. Once a person is gone, even if he is back he will not be the same.

4. No matter how much you try your heart will always conquer your mind towards the end.

5. There is only and only ONE best friend forever :)

P.S: We will have a guest blogger soon :D Someone whom I have mentioned frequently on this blog :)

Wrongdoing, Rightdoing and happiness

The 13th century poet Rumi walked into my life today and unveiled a new set of emotions and revealed a new facet of me! I feel a unusual vibe of romanticism engulfing me and filling me with naive positivity. I would like to mention a quote of his

          "Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing 
            and rightdoing there is a field. 
            I'll meet you there. 
            When the soul lies down in that grass 
             the world is too full to talk about.” 
This quote infuses me with compassion and renewed energy. Sometimes, the world what the world says
 doesn't really matter. What matters is your own happiness and contentment. Who do you live for after all?
The concept of wrongdoing and right doing cannot obstruct path of your happiness.

P.S This quote was used in the movie 'Rockstar' aswell

Monday, 26 March 2012


Another tag! so here it goes

11 random things about me

1. I have once been suspended from school for three days when I was in sixth standard. (don't ask me why!)

2. I have 4 cavities in my teeth and plan to get a silver capping within a year. (smile please :D)

3. My favorite color is purple. And I go bonkers behind it! (you could have guessed that!)

4. I had won a national level art competition when I was in class three.

5. I was the Times NIE Student Of The Year 2009-2010.

6. I used to be a zonal level swimmer in 5th standard. But haven't stepped in the pool since a year or so.

7. I can eat upto 20 samosas in a day. (And I mean it!)

8. I once had a bird called twinkle, which I had brought home. It died due to lose motions.

9. I am a numismatist. I collect coins of different countries. I have already collected coins of 46 countries and counting!

10. I have a habit of talking out loud in public! (Don't blame me! It runs in the family :p)

11. I have around 6 e-mail ids which i operate.

Things money cant buy :)

In the on going debate of money vs. everything else, I decided to post my thoughts. I would not say 'Money is nothing.' specially after visiting a mall and eyeing everything expensive but pocketing nothing. Money is indeed important for a better living! But money and happiness are apart. Happiness doesn't necessarily come with money (well atleast for me!)

Money cannot buy the joy of

  • writing something creative
  • winning a prize with your own effort.
  • an amazing conversation you have with someone you meet after years.
  • being in a 'group'.
  • waking up at two or three and realizing you have much more time to sleep.
  • coming home from school and your mom surprising you with your favorite dish
  • being complimented my a stranger.
  • acing a test you thought you would flunk.
  • scoring the highest marks in the class.
  • a great evening spent with your family sipping coffee.
  • watching the sunset :)
  • switching on the TV and being surprised to see your favourite show is on!

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Quote of the day...

And sometimes, just sometimes. Little things said by people can mean so much!

Friday, 23 March 2012

7 things life will teach you

1. Your friends are going to walk away without giving you a reason. Sometimes, when you need them the most. But its is important to remember that if someone wants to be a part of your life, they would actually make an effort to be in it.
 2. Letting go is not giving up. It is accepting the things positively which were never meant to be. And sometimes, it is the only way out. Its not a problem, but a solution.
3. Life isn't fair, but it is worth living. You wont get a happy ending. You will have to make your ending happy. Somethings in life, are totally upto you.

4.Nobody can tell you what kind of person YOU ARE. You will have to discover it yourself. Nobody but you, have the power to know yourself completely. Life is a journey of 'self-discovery'.

5. You should stop expecting from people but start accepting instead. But there is no problem in keeping a hope. Hope is the candle which light up all the other candles.

6. You don't have to look for someone who is 'perfect' for you, but is 'right' for you.

7. People will change with time. And sometimes, its better to accept them the way they are rather than crying, cajoling,persuading them to know the reason and asking for a second chance.

Quote of the day

Nupur's guide to blogging

It feels proud to get an overwhelming response to your blogs and views from all over the world! (Yeah..Really :D) What adds to the charm is when people come and ask you "How do I start blogging?". Your chest expands by three inches and a broad smile signifying contentment adorns your face. So here I answer all questions about blogging and a few tips.
For me, blogging is very personal. I have been doing it for a year now and lot of emotions go into it. My blog is very personal to me. Its not just another writing space, its close to my heart. I started blogging to express my views on certain issues which I cannot do on any other social networking site. And now its addicting! I sign up everyday to check the number of views or write a few more posts.
Enough of blabbering, so here I present


  • Who can blog? Many people have this misconception that they cannot blog if they aren't good at writing or aren't 'creative' enough. My friends have come up and said that to me. I DO NOT AGREE. Blogging is not about creativity or how big and difficult words you use. Its about how expressive you can be. Its how effectively you put forward your views. You don't have to preach others, just stimulate a though.

  • What do I write in it? Its TOTALLY up to you! That is the best part about blogging. There are no rules and you can freely express what you feel. This is not a creative writing class where you have to be specific and worry about what you write and how do you have to write. 
  • How do i make my blog attractive? You can make it attractive by adding templates changing the font and colour of titles and sub-headings. I add pictures to make it look interesting. A picture is worth a thousand words as they say.
Some personal tips from my Pandora box!
  • Be clear in what you write. The piece of article should move the reader and stir their senses. The point should get well across the reader's head.
  • Make the blog VISUALLY APPEALING. Add visuals to it.
  • Don't get too personal on your blog. It is important to interact at a personal level with your readers and fellow bloggers but writing too much about yourself and be cliche and boring.
  • Your articles should CONNECT with the public. Don't write something which keeps people wondering and leaves people pondering "What has he/she written?"
  • Dont cut/copy paste articles! That is a big NO. I condemn this practice. Your writing may not necessarily be the best but should be more signifantly YOU.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

The Gift of a SISTER

10 years ago you came into my life and changed it completely.
I remember waking up at 4 and going to the hospital to see you even though it was my exam.

My world revolved around you. I used to love it when you would clutch your tiny fist around my finger.

I had never done it earlier but I didn’t mind sharing my chocolates with you. You would gobble up more than half of it and hand me the rest half with a guilty smile.

3 years ago you slapped a guy who was making fun of me.No guy dared to do it after that. You are my bodyguard :)

No matter how stupid my jokes were, you always laughed on them.You made sure i had that 'colgate' smile on my face.

You have got me into trouble innumerable times, but I still love you! It's difficult for anybody to hate you. Our longest fight wold have lasted for about an hour.

You cried when I didn’t win a well deserved prize. It was a picture perfect moment when both of us cried our heads off!

You gave me amazing handmade cards on my birthday. I have still preserved them and take a look at them once in a while :) 

You didn’t shout at me when I broke your tooth! You were trembling in pain and I was laughing at the way you looked! I had even brought the camera to get your 'toothless' pic!

I remember the day when I spilled the food on floor and you took the entire blame on you Jh

And the day you spent your one month’s pocket money on me! After that day, your pocket money has been reduced to half. :p But you still don't mind spending it on me!

Having a sister is like having a best friend who simply doesn’t go away!  And the best part is you can borrow money from her and never bother to give it back: D (hehe)


Why you need girl pals!

I smile with them. I cry with them. We share every drop of tear and every sorrow. My sorrow doesn't hide in the charm of my smile wit them. I can spend my entire day with them without getting bored. We need an excuse to be together. It can be anything from painting our nails to baking a cake. I have my own amazing gang of girls!

They are one of the reasons I am happy with my sex.A girl-girl bond is drastically different from a girl-guy or a guy-guy. There is so much to be shared and so much to be done amongst girls! the need for an outsider isn't felt! I love my gang of girls because

  • I can ask them what to wear, when to where and HOW to where without getting those 'Oh! As if I care' looks and get the best advice possible!
  • I can borrow shoes, accessories, jeans from them without ever caring to return it. They become your'Thirft shop'.
  • You don't just need an occasion to meet up. It can be anyday, anytime! your home.The aim can be anything from painting your nails to doing your homework.
  • You don't care how you look with them. I can be in my dirtiest shirt and messiest ponytail and present myself in-front of them.
  • You can do 'guy watching' together in groups :D
  • They are ANYDAY more understanding in every aspect than guys are! They dont need a pinch or nudge from under the table. They get your point with a glance in the eye or a wink.
  • I can hug them anytime! and can expect one anytime too. Girls show love and affection :)

Girls, you can have alot of girlfriends, but make sure you have a gang of girls! Life becomes fun with so many girls around (trust me) Why should boys have all the fun?

Monday, 19 March 2012

Add 'ZING' to your life!

I love the way some people live life with full zest. They squeeze out every drop from life and relish it. They don't fear making mistakes. They fulfill all their wishes, spend their money, live life without regrets. I wish I could lead  such a life someday.
You never know what may happen next. You have everything at one moment, the next moment life cruelly snatches everything away from you. So it is important to take everything 'positively' and add ZING to you life!
How? Let me tell you :D

1. Get a Hobby
In this competitive world, academic excellence is simply NOT ENOUGH. Learn something new. Play the keyboard, learn guitar, write a poem, cook something new, click pictures. There are so many activities and fields yet to be explored! When I get bored, i pick up my guitar or look for inspiration for a new blog!

2. Socialize
Make new friends. Talk to the girl who has been looking at you since quite a while. Say 'HI' to the guy whom you see everyday. To add ZING in your life it is important to meet new people and develop new bonds.

3.Get a new look
Cut your hair in a different way this time. Experiment with your wardrobe. Streak your hair! :D Next time when you go shopping, buy something you don't usually wear. I either experiment with my eyes lenses/spects/ new spects or my hair long/short/ponytail

4.Connect with nature
Once in a while, it is important to explore you inner self. You should be 'self-aware'. Aware of your own strengths and weaknesses. So go on nature walks. Explore natures beauty. Hear the birds chirping and soothe your eyes with the greenery that surrounds you.

5. Do something adventurous
Try something which will give you a lifetime memory. It can range from scuba diving, star trekking to adventure sports.
I once went to explore forest with my friends. It was a lifetime experience :)

Life has so much to offer! Go explore the unexplored, do the undone!

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Family outing, balloons and more

Last week we had a FAMILY OUTING. A thing which i loved in the past but now seems like a cliche to me. My dad wanted to go to some dhaba, my sister twitched her nose in disgust. I proposed to go to some beach. All others showed disapproval. Finally Marine drive was agreed upon. Dad drove the car. Mom was sitting on the front seat. We sisters seated ourselves at the back. My dad kept asking questions and cracking silly jokes to keep the conversation alive. I was busy texting.

Finally, we reached our destination. Mumbai indeed looked beautiful. For my Non-Mumbai blog readers, this is the place.

I was lost in my thoughts with the beautiful sea in front of me. My family outing was much better than i had expected it to be. Dad brought some sandwiches from the nearby stall. I took part in my family conversations too. After becoming a teenager, I realized I had forgotten that fun can be had even with family.
We laughed, guffawed and had fun. I don't remember the last time i spent 'quality time' with my family.
Then, a helium balloon seller passed my us. I don't know why, I had a strange urge to buy them (they didn't fascinate me much). I persuaded dad to buy some for me. He didn't deny. I brought the purple ones. Khushi chose her usual 'PINK'.

When we had to leave, I released the balloons in the sky. I realized that sometimes, we just have to forget everything and live in the moment. We have today with, and thus we must make the best use of it. Have fun, spend time with your family.
Cause some moments are like helium balloons, once gone never come back.

I indeed had a great time with my  friends family!

Friday, 16 March 2012

There's always HOPE

Express your care!

A few years ago, when I hugged a guy best friend of mine I received one of the best compliments i have received so far.He sent a text saying "Thanks for the hug. Your are like a teddy bear. Nobody hugs me at home."

Initially,I had ignored the second part of the message. My eyeballs fixed to the first part. Was i soft or gentle enough to be called a teddy bear? Or was he referring to the extra weight around my belly? But the second part moist my eyes.

My military background has privileged  me with a huge collection of friends. Some gentle, some not so gentle. Some are conceited others are overconfident. Some are happy how their lives work, some just cant accept the way its working. Some believe they have the best lives, others are just depressed.
The reasons for depression vary from broken homes, low grades, under caring parents, being victim of bullying etc. Whatever the reason maybe, I hate seeing teens depressed! Aren't they supposed to be full of energy and a zest for life?

There was a point when I had gone into a mild depression. I had experienced a downfall. And i was just not strong enough to cope up with it. At that time I had friends who made me feel better and forced me to believe that life is worth living. I can never thank them enough :) They have taught me how to live positively.

Since then I try my best to keep my friends and acquaintances out of this phase. you don't need to do much. Just hug them and tell them that there is someone to whom your existence matters and life is truly worth living it :D
I did it a few years back and still am. Are you?

Sunday, 11 March 2012

7 reasons I CAN"T fall in love and have perfect marriage!

I sneered and a broad smile of satisfaction spread on my face after I had completed an half an hour long debate with my mother on the topic given above. After successfully winning the argument, I decided to show the humorous side of me on my blog! 

How it started
I'm quite firm on my decision of not marrying. My mother isn't pleased it with though. She asked me to give 7 arguments which justify that i simply CANNOT fall in love and have a perfect marriage. So here it goes

1. I don't wear salwar-suit. So my dupatta can't fly in high fashion and land up on a guys face.

2. I don't wear salwar-suit so again my dupatta cant get stuck in some guys shirt button!

3. I don't have a childhood Bestfriend who is still with me. So i cant grow up and realize after 20 long years that I'm in love!

4. I don't know how to kneed dough (ata gundhna) so I can't imagine any guy coming and help me do it and
then we miraculously fall in love!

5. I am going to do CA intern. That means no college for me. So I don't expect any rich, spoilt boy travelling with me on the journey from enmity to friendship and after 4 years confessing his love to me :p

6. I don't wear to high heels. Even if i do, I don't atleast stumble in them. So I cant fall in love with someone at the workplace after i break my heels and accidentally fall in his arms. (bliss)

7. Guys don't usually abuse me in public places.(don't ask me why!) So I will have no hero fighting alone with 10 guys and giving them punches all over their face or anywhere else :D(hehe!)

MOM I won this argument! :D

Friday, 9 March 2012

I miss!

I miss my days in Delhi, where I was in a all girls school. Yet there was minimum amount of bitching/gossiping. Me and my gang of girls travelled in every nook of Dwarka.

I miss the days when dad would come home in the evening and get a soft toy or some special stationary just to see the surprised look on my face.

I miss my childhood guy best friend Amey. We had been together from the day he has born and stayed friends till we were 4.(I last met him when we were 13)

I miss my days in Baroda where we had a campfire in the park and asked each other daring questions. One of the elder guys out there played guitar. (Isn’t that the best atmosphere heard of?)

I miss the evenings when mom used to make apple/orange/lime juice for me considering caffeine was unhealthy for a 7 year old. (Precisely now I live on it.)

I miss my eating golgappas and mughlai food in Delhi and going out with ice cream with my family late night.

I miss going to Tanmaya’s house or she dropping over mine in order to finish some homework and end up doing nothing.

I miss going in school in a Van in Baroda and the way me and Sappy troubled the elder guys out there yet they took it sportingly.

I miss my days in Ooty when horses were the most convenient mode of transport (Really!) and we didn’t have a summer uniform.

I miss the days when my sister was just too small to understand certain things and I could get away from everything putting the entire blame on her.(Did I ever mention my wicked side on this blog?)

I miss the last time I played holi. It was in Baroda. I had the best company out there! After I left that place, I didn’t play holi. It has been 6 years.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

So jobless!

This is probably my 4th blogpost of the day. And i wouldn't mind posting a few more :p Its almost been a year since the day i took baby steps into the world of blogging and now i am acquainted to start a new year!  ow, my life is confined in a 500 sq. feet room and my blog. I have become the dull nerdy girl I used to hear being sometime ago...

Once I too had a perfect life. I had achieved success. Winning the best elocutionist trophy and being crowned as the 'Student of the year' had marked the beginning. I had won my school elections and was writing my own column in a teen magazine. But destiny had something else in store for me..

I moved to Mumbai. And sometimes some changes which happen in a spur of moments have the power to change a chain of event that follow. Initially everything had its own charm, but the glittery phase soon faded away and now I sit in front of the computer screen trying to draw inspiration.

I was known to have the loudest voices amongst my friends! My mom used to refuse to take me out unless I promised to keep my voice low and avoid embarrassment.
I had the best group of friends. My little world where I could be lost anytime.
I shared a amazing bond with my mother. I didn't need to tell her if I was upset. She could sense it. She knew all my deepest darkest secrets.
My smile was the best amongst the group and a couple of times, strangers complimented me for it!
I was confident enough to go upto a stranger and strike a conversation.

The only time I talk is when someone asks me a question.
I had no friends to speak of. My phone's battery is dead and my trust has been broken.
I hardly talk with my mom. Our usual conversations involve whats cooking in lunch/dinner.
I dont remember the last time I ACTUALLY smiled!
If someone talks me me i stammer and can't think of anything!

and sometimes, you just have memories left with you.

Quote of the day

Best Friend!

A lot of people think i make friends very easily. Well, that definitely IS NOT true! I bond with people who are down to earth. I'm pretty selective when it comes to making friends. My friends don't have to be supremely talented or have the best of phones. I just ant them to stand by me in difficult times. So who is a best friend for me? Here it goes!

  • A best friend is a person who will hug you when you say leave me alone and don't mean it
  • A best friend is someone with whom you can sit in Lodhi garden or Juhu beach for hours and talk nonsense.
  • A best friend is someone who dares to make a puking face to your crush/boyfriend.
  • A best friend is someone who will draw 200 plus doodles at the back of your maths notebook later to be yelled!
  • A best friend is someone who will take a really weird picture of yours and refuse to delete it!
  • A best friend is someone with whom you have all amazing memories!
  • A best friend is someone who will wipe your tears before they wipe their own.
  • A best friend is someone who supports you in every situation.
  • A best friend is someone who will give you nudges under the table and weird looks when your crush passes by!
  • A best friend is someone who knows all your darkest secrets but wont spill it out!
  • A best friend is someone who will draw diagrams in your bio journal because he/she knows you cant draw well!
  • A best friend is someone who will shout at you and talk rude to you. But later annoy you by saying sorry a 100 times!
  •  A best friend is someone whom you can call at 12 in the night just to tell how you got ditched.
  • Best friends are like parents. They just don't go. No matter what happens, they will stand by you :)
This is to all my Best friends who have understood me and supported me in my darkest times :) and laughed along with me on those sunny days!

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Some visual delight!

Some of the best closets ever seen!

Hey girl, you are beautiful

It was a lazy Sunday afternoon and I was curled on my bed with a bowl of popcorns and watching roadies rerun (my idea of a perfect afternoon). Suddenly what caught my attention was a girl who wet her eyes saying that in her school years she thought she was ugly and suffered inferiority complex. This comment of hers shook my senses a bit and touched me deep inside. It was indeed hurting to a young girl in her 20’s with a pleasant personality and pretty smile to think she wasn’t beautiful.
This incident also took my mind back to another incident which happened not quite long back. Demi Lovato, the star of Camp rock had just entered the dusty road of stardom .She had recorded her debut album, landed up in her own show and given a superhit movie! A chain of events led her to rehabilitation centre. In her post rehabilitation interview stated that as a child she had a really unhealthy relationship with food and always had a complex about her weight and thought she wasn’t good looking. Her complex catapulted her from Hollywood to rehabilitation centre.
It often disturbs me deeply when girls get these issues about their weight or their face. Often they are convinced that they might not find the right type of guy cause they don’t look how they want to. They cut themselves, stop eating the right kind of food and sometimes even get into severe depression. A survey showed that 8/10 girls aren’t satisfies with the way the look and wouldn’t mind popping diet pills and going for a surgery.
So this is to all the girls out there who think they aren’t pretty. Even though your smile might not be Colgate or SFX material, there are a lot of people who can go to any lengths to evoke it. You might not have the perfect size zero figure but hey curves are in now!You are beautiful in your sweatpants and even without your face caked in make-up. You are truly beautiful, you just need the right person to recognize your beauty!

Monday, 5 March 2012

Down the memory lane - A letter to 13 year old me

Dear Nupur,
Life is like a omnibus of blind turns, you never know which turn it might take next. So live in the moment and be ready to accept whatever comes in you way. Life is definitely not going to be easy now. You will have a lot of pressure. Your parents will force you to take courier option of their choice, your friends will force you to take part in activities you might not really want to do and you will make many mistakes which you will later regret.

You will break hearts, probably many. Sometimes you will hurt the person who matters to you the most. So remember how you felt when someone broke yours. You will have your trust broken and sometimes your closest friends might do so. Don't trust anyone blindly and don't break anyone's trust.

Your parents will slowly stop understanding you now. They will become over-protective. They will stop you from doing certain things without  giving a reason. You will have sleepless nights. But remember, this is the age and never argue with your parents. Whatever they do, is for your own good.

And remember, be sincere about life not serious! This is a crucial time but don't lose your childhood in the process!
Have fun with your friends, take a lot of pictures, smile a lot. Cause every minute you spend in anger, you lose 60 seconds of your happiness :)

Fifteen year old Nupur