Thursday, 22 December 2011

Its complicated

natural numbers->Integers->rational numbers-> polynomials->linear equation in one variable->linear equations in two variables->quadratic equation

The above order just made me realize how things get complicated as we grow up.
Sometimes its we who like to complicate stuff. 
In class one if i had a fight with my best friend, it would resolve within minutes and the next day we would forget what had happened and go back to being best friends again.
In class five if i had a fight with my best friend, It would take a couple of days for us to talk. And then we would go back to be best friends but still have that grudge in our mind.
And now in class tenth, If we fight, I would take weeks to resolve and even if we start talking we would be convinced that we cannot be best friends again.
I have a theory which says every human being has glasses on their eyes which makes objects appear bigger than they are. I mean how does it matter if we talk or don't talk? Do i become the most depressed person on the earth? Why does someone have to cry if their love in not reciprocated? Does life end here? 
Then why do we always tend to think in the wrong way and complicate our lives? This obviously didn't happen when we were kids.Right? Why cant people be happy even if something in their life is not right? Why cant people see things as they are?

Growing up complicates stuff. It truly does. 

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

A new beginning

This December marks the end of 2011, and the beginning of a brand new year! Due to my optimistic view towards life, I have always considered endings to be a beginning for a new things.
Life is a omnibus of blind turns. And mine was changing gears at a stunning speed before it halted in the middle of nowhere and life took a neutral gear. Nothing much interesting is happening right now. My bus neither moves forward nor backward.

I really hope 2012 will set new goals, targets and adventures for me!
For those who didn't know, I'm turning fifteen on the third of January. No sooner i did realize that i was going to be a year older and a year wiser too! For me growing up doesn't simply mean getting freedom or adding more candles on the cake. Growing up is not only physical. You grow stronger emotionally and spiritually every new year!

2011 has indeed taught me a lot. Some of the facts i will cherish for the rest of life. It has taught me if you trust somebody a lot, they will simply walk over you. It has taught me to love yourself more than you love anyone else. It has taught me to keep certain things to yourself. It has taught me its not good to peak in others life's, It has taught me that we have to find our own definition of our lives. It has taught me how to be sincere and not serious.

The core of my blog will be that every new year, every new experience has something or the other to teach. Absorb inspiration from everything around you. Grow up to form a mature individual full of values and rich experiences.

(P.S: Don't forget to wish me on january 3rd :) )

Saturday, 17 December 2011

10 things that make my day :)

1. Waking up and having open chilly cheese toast in breakfast with a glass of mango juice :).

2. Listening to all the good things that people say about me. Positiveness keeps me alive.

3. Watching rerun of roadies and an afternoon show of jane tu ya jane na!

4. Having a burger from McDonalds with a huge glass of pepsi.

5. Doing oil painting, doodling and sketching. I simply love art! Its a great stress booster.

6. Going out with my friends who make me laugh till my cheeks hurt.

7. Talking to an old friend over the phone where she tells me how much she misses me and we talk about the fun we had :)

8. Listening to my favorite songs on Youtube :) and thumb fight with my sister,

9. Shopping! Probably to westside, Levi's or Globus.

10. Playing an amazing prank with a friend!!!

Friday, 16 December 2011

A ray of hope

Unable are loved to die
For love is immortality
                                    Emily dickinson

“Promise me you will be there with me forever!”
“I promise.”
These were one of the few promises I made as a child. Promises with which I struggle to cope up with now. And when I had made this promise to my friend, I never knew it would hurt so much.
Not long back ago when I got to know that she had passed away, I was in a state of shock. My eyes became blood red and a lump developed in my throat as my mother narrated the incident. I had never lost a dear person before. Coping with the loss had to be hard, very hard. Especially when It was a promise of lifetime.
I lost her in an accident. She was travelling from a bus which unfortunately crashed into a truck. The sad part was she was the only one who died.
The grief wasn’t easy to overcome. Often I would sit under my comforters for hours sobbing the whole night. Sometimes I would dial her number and realize that she would never pick up the call. I would cry when I laughed at a joke and could not hear another laugh as loud as mine. I would see her picture and cry for hours wanting her to be there with me. My eyes become moist even today as I talk about her. Superlatives can define how grief struck I was, but what evokes terribly was the “Forever factor.”
Yesterday for a change, when I went to the sea-side. My gaze rested upon the sun which after spreading its radiance all around was retreating into isolation. That is when I realized that the sun comes up every day, spreads brightness and sets. But it never goes away. It marks every new day. The same way by friend had gone nowhere. It’s not just that I could not see her anymore nor could hear her laughter. But I could sense her presence. Every time I achieved something I could sense her patting my back, every time I cried, I could sense her wiping my tears.
My friend had gone away, giving me a ray of hope which will help me survive till my last day 

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

A tribute to the awesomest girl i know!!

What makes your day? Talking to a loved one? Getting complemented by a stranger?scoring good in a class test?or having fun time with friends?

Well, all of the above do certainly make me happy but i cannot say they make my day! What makes my day is talking to my best friend Tanmaya!
We live in different geographical coordinates. But that doesn't make a difference. does it?I still can call her at 12 and tell her how horrible my maths teacher is and tell her how much I miss her.
I can call her and ask her what to do with the friend who stabbed me on the back and she will give the best advice possible.
I don't have to tell her how sad I am because she can sense it from my voice.
I can make fun of her 'dracula teeth' and she can make fun of my height but we burst out into peals of laughter after that!
I don't wake up everyday and tell her that she is my best friend and how much she means to me because she already knows it :)
Sometimes i sit in the class and remember the fun we had together(facial, yas u :p) and i am punished by my chemistry teacher!
I miss every dam thing about her. Her hair, her smile, her society and the way i sprang into her house and helped myself with her lunch box :D
I love you a lot tanmaya! and life seems dull without you :(

Friday, 9 December 2011

Chaning times and friendships

"What hurts the most is when you were once so close and now have nothing to say.
But watch each other walk away."

I sit beside the sea as my gaze rests upon the sun which spreads it arms on the sea and colors the faded sky. My ears mute to the beautiful scene in front of me. I toss away my hair as they fall on my face and obstruct the view. Before I knew it, I was lost in though and I was taken back to the visual when I and my three other friends would come here not long back.
I suck my breath as I narrate this incident and my heart skips a beat.
I was pretty different from what I am now. Others opinions didn’t really bother me. I wasn’t affected by anyone’s love, like or dislike. Gossiping was the last thing on my list. Every evening I would go out with my three friends. We would laugh; play pranks on people and crack jokes. We were inseparable
We came to the sea side every evening and watch the waves as they hit the shore with great intensity. The month of August and its rains couldn’t disrupt our meetings. We made excuses, lied to our parents and bunked our tuitions. It was just because we enjoyed each other’s company. There was no formality.

A gentle breeze stirred me awake from this whirlwind of thoughts that had engulfed me completely. It was then I realized that things have drastically changed now. And no matter how much I try, that time can never be brought back.
I sit and wonder what happened to that friendship? Is it still imprinted in our minds or did it get perished in the shore of time?

Monday, 5 December 2011

It's never too late

There is always, at any point of time one person in our life on whom we are completely dependent. Our actions, thoughts and movements are guided by them. We give away ourselves completely.

But what happens when the person doesn't return the love, the care the attention?

We cry, taunt, persuade, cajole, force them to think in our direction..then we walk away.

What i believe is, if the person really likes you, they will make an effort to be in your life. They will talk to you, call you, text you.If they don't do so..It's better to walk away.
One day or the other, the person WILL realize how important you are and  return. If they don't good for you :)

Till then find a person who truly likes you and will return your attention.
Send flowers, hug, talk and text such awesome people in your life~

Believe me, it's never too late to do so :)

Friday, 2 December 2011

I'm the type of girl

I'm The
of girl

that can listen to music whole night that inspires her.

Who can cry whole night when things don't turn out her way

who is deeply affected by someone's love, like or dislike

who cries while watching operas and emotional movies

But at the same time she is strong

she has the power to let her love go

she has control over her emotions

she knows when and how to make decisions

she will be no one, but herself

Yes, I have made mistakes in life. I have let many people down. I have made them cry and also at times, myself cried. I've taken advantage of people and let them take advantage of me. But what matters most it that i have LEARNT from my mistakes. 

I have seen things the way they were but that never stopped me from smiling. 
I'm strong, free-spirited and determined.
I'm the master of my destiny.

I believe in living life to the fullest, smiling till your cheeks hurt, having friends who love you, dancing in the rain. I believe in miracles.

In the end we only regret chances we didn't take and people we didn't talk to. The rest really doesn't matter! Love life, live life is what i believe it

Note to myself..

Certain promises have held me still in the flood of time which could sweep me away. So here i present the maxims i live by and swear to!

1.There is no single person you can completely trust. At one point of time or the other, your trust is going to be broken. And that is the time it will hurt the most. So sometimes, its better to keep certain things to yourself.

2.Nobody can understand you as well as you can understand yourself. Let it be your spouse, soul mate, mom, sister or even your best friend. Yes, they might understand to a large extent.

3.People only learn when they themselves live the lesson. One learns through their own experience. So its useless to make someone understand what it was like.

4.There is going to be a point in your life, when the person you love and care for the most is going to walk away. Patience is the key to solve such a problem. After a few days,weeks,months or even years sometimes! the person WILL realize your value.

5. No person is bad at heart. At some point of time or other, they are going to help you,comfort you and make you feel better.

6.Life is truly unpredictable. You never know what might happen next. Live for today. Express what you feel and celebrate!

Saturday, 12 November 2011

No girl is hard to please..

"A woman's brain is the most complicated thing to understand."
I quote the lines from a magazine which i just flipped away when i was beckoned by a whilrwhind of thoughts! Before I knew it,I entered into a transitory phrase where I was dressed in white lace gown and my prince charming arrived on a white horse. He bends on his knees and puts his solitaire in my ring finger which is stretched out.The smile on my face refuses to just fade off. Rest what happened, isn't really important. But since then I'm thinking...Is it really hard to please a girl?

Well, from a guy's point of view.Yes

They get bugged when you forget birthdays and anniversaries.
They empty your pockets.
They get annoyed when you don't text back even if you are doing something important.
They don't let you spend much time with your friends.
For a small mistake you made, they don't talk for days.
They expect more you can give.
You are expected to sit and listen to them.
And the list goes on and on....

Now let me tell you the actual ways to please a girl

When she is annoyed with you and going away, hold her hand and don't let her go.
Make her feel important in front of your friends.
Sing a sweet romantic love song for her.
Gift her HANDMADE things. (probably a painting?)
Be more of a friend and less of a soul mate.
Look deep in her eyes when she shouts at you.
Compliment her infront of everybody.
Tell her how beautiful her smile is when she is upset...

Believe me, no girl is hard to please :)

Thursday, 10 November 2011

The best way..

Whew! It's been two months since i stopped by and took a look at whats brewing on my blog! I would have made excuse exams but the truth is that i was caught up in useless gossips and fights that was draining positivity and energy out of me. And now its over ( not the fights, my emotions). Now I'm ready to restart my journey and do the things i truly love. So I came back to writing!

Sometimes you put yourself so much into a situation or perhaps a relationship and you get nothing out of it.
You enjoy those moments for a few moments and think for years where that all has disappeared. You try your best to resolve the problem. You try to cajole, talk, threaten,persuade. Because you see the things in your way, and they see it in their way.
One advice from my side,
just box it up and put it away for a few months. Give it time. The contents of the box should not affect you. Open it after a few months and you will be surprised to notice the new contents :)

Believe me sometimes it does work :)

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Speak wisely

It's been ages since i came to this blog. My exams just got over, and now i got the time to sit down, peacefully think about something and then pen it down.

I had always thought, that we live in a democratic country where anyone and everyone can voice their opinions. But I grew up to realise that it's not the truth. It's a rule written on the walls. A few days ago some politician expressed his views on twitter. Conclusion: resignation.
On the more personal note, I would like to say that when you form a opinion about somebody, through their actions or their words, It's difficult to keep to oneself. We usually tend to tell it to people! (who tell it to others, and the circle goes on and on) also, in a moment of anger when the clouds of anger cloud the conscience we often tend to say the wrong things and hurt people who mean the world to us!

It has happened to me, both the cases mentioned above...If we have the right to speak, use it wisely. You will never regrett it!

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Bounce back

On this muddy, ruthless, rough path
I tend to fall sometimes
making me look like a helpless bird
tangled in the string of kites
I lose hope

But I get up never like before,
brushing aside the dirt
ready to acquaint myself to start a new journey

Cause In today's world,
 no one lends a helping hand
and i know if i don't get up,
I will lie there for the rest of my life

I start again
with greater hope and fresher mind
and a promise to keep

This might not make sense to many of you, but it is a great inspiration to me.

Sunday, 31 July 2011

Sister series Part II

What's your type?
Sice most of my target viewers are already teens or o the brink on teenage I'm going to tell you about the different types of boys and girls that exist and from whom you gotta stay away! All you have to do is pick you type!

Mr. Perfect
As the name suggests, Mr. Perfect is always striving for perfection. A little bit here and there, he will twitch his nose. Let it be his uniform, work, notes everything must be perfect and expects the same from everybody. He is punctual and has a sense of responsibilty. Practical and ambitious he lives in his own world!

Mr. I don't give it a damn!
Unlike Mr. Perfct, Mr. I don't give it a damn! doesn't give it a damn! His hair are messy and his shirt is probably two days old. He takes bath once a week and can even eat rotten food! But unlike other people, he is not judgemental and helps people when in need. He is a great listener and has solution for evey problem.

Mr. My family is my world!
Mr. Family is my world is full of traditional values. If his family says no, it's a no. He is the most caring and loving brother and an obidient son. He thinks what his family thinks is correct and what others think is wrong . One great thing about this man is that he will always do what is right, no matter whatever happens!

Mr. I don't believe in love!
Okay, so this one is my favourite! This man has this motto in life "girls come and girls go." The perfect cansanova, he is charming and romantic. However the romance may last only for a short time!

Unlike the men in all the previous categories, this man believes that we get life only once and thus must live it to the fullest. So he is into everything! He is spendthrift and laidback.

Full of laughter and enthusiasm, his stock of PJ's can never get over! He can make you laugh on your gloomiest days. He is sarcastic and understanding.

Mr. Wannabe
This one's totally gross. He has a misconception that branded wear and listening to English songs and dancing like MJ can make him look cool. He has no personality of his own and keeps running behind latest trends and stuff.

Go ahead and pick your type! Drop your comments below.

Friday, 29 July 2011

Weighty issues

I knew I had gained a few pounds after coming to Mumbai when I could not fit into the pants which were once apon a time to loose for me. My waistline has expanded by 2 inches in 2 months.(!!) So I look up for a diet chart on the internet and plan to loose 4 kgs in 2 months. A series of thoughts all interconnected to each other, got me to think what kinds of problems fat people face.

1. Constantly ridiculed by family members.
2. Made fun of.
3. Restrictions are put on their eating habits and burgers are replaced by Salads.
4. Made to exercise and run till they faint.
5. Cannot wear clothes of their choice.
6. Made fun by the teachers. ( I have seen this happening!)
7. Dance teachers think they are useless. ( this too!)

1. Everytime a fat person thinks that he or she is actually pretty, other people pull him down.
2. Their entire childhood is lost since they cannot eat what they want.
3. Some fat people are also ostracized by classmates.

1. Fat people usually have a good sense of humour.
2. Fat people are emotional.
3. Fat people are good listeners.
4. Fat people don't usually try to pull other people down.

After thinking about this for hours, I came to know that even fat people have feelings. They are just like us. They are among us and need to be treated that way.

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Sister series Part I

Okay, because a lot of people told me I plan to start the 'sister series' I decided to go ahead with the plan. The idea is to help you out with the problems you face with different things in your life. I will be giving you tips and you can mail me whenever you want. So I hereby present the first ever part of the 'Sister series'!

Sister series Part 1#
For those in 9th and 10th, exams start in a month or so. So I will give you some great tips to score well in your exams. Because Social studies is a subject in which most of the students face problem, I'll tell you how to tackle that. If you follow my tips religiously, no one can stop you from scoring full marks. So here it goes

1. One major mistake that we make is to memorise the questions and answers even before reading the chapter. First read the chapter, and while reading write down the questions that can come for the examination with the help of a pencil. Read the chapter at least 5-6 times and then try to answer those questions on your own.
2. Start the preparation month in advance. Since the syllabus is lengthy, read atleast one chapter everyday.
3. Make notes on all the important names, dates and places and read them in the morning or whenever you get time.
4. Write and practice!
5. Solve sample papers available on websites and in guides.
6. Ask any elder to demonstrate Civics and Economics to you as they are practical based.

1. First practice your NCERT throughly. Examples included.
2. Then move on to R.D Sharma. Practice each and every illustrative example.
3. Study maths for one hour each day without fail.
4. Solve all the sample papers available.

1. Read the chapter and learn all the textual questions.
2. Practice grammer 1 hour daily from refferance books.
3. Learn 2-3 words daily to improve your vocabulary.
4. Solve previous years question papers and write essays.

Sunday, 24 July 2011

The sound of rain

I spent a part of my life in Baroda, Gujarat. It was a relativitely small city and would take barely an hour to go from one end to other. I used to live in a colony called Manhar park. Surrounded by lush green trees Manhar park was a peaceful area. I remember a lot about that place. And can give a vivid description too. The flowers that adorned the walls on the main street, the German shephard which would bark incessantly at me and the lighthouse which was rumoured to be spooked, the dhobi who would buy me toffees everytime I met him.

But one thing I clearly remember about the city is the excitement rains brought with them. The day it would rain heavily, the street would turn into a muddy stream, our own version of the nile! People would swim in it.! Literally.Sometimes it would rain so much that we would have a day off. We would all go to the park and dance like retards! throwing muddly water at each other and splashing in pools. One after the other, I would tirelessly make paper boats from the little hands which after going with the flow, would be out of my sight.
The smell of freshly made pakoras would penetriate in my nostrills and would tingle my taste buds.Once me and my friend while playing in the rain, caught a toad and brought it home. What days were they!

Now after six whole years, I am in Mumbai. It does rain here. Probably ten times more it rained in Baroda. But it doesn't excite me as it did earlier.  There are no muddy water fights, no days off, no dancing, no best friend.
But, i still eat pakodas :)

Monday, 18 July 2011


While randomly pressing buttons on my remote I came across a  TV show that was pretty different from daily soaps. It made my cheekbones hurt at a few places and also moistened my eyes. Rather, It shifted me to a transistory phrase.
I was peacefully enjoying it untill she said something which disturbed my grey cells."Sometimes while pretendeing to be someone else, we actually become it." were the words to be precise. I find the situation quite similar to mine. I pretend and lie about almost everything but didn't know that when you lie about yourself, you become a part of it.
I realized that sometimes we pretend so hard not to pretend that we almost make ourselves believe that we are not in fact pretending...

So, here I bare my heart and share my deepest and darkest secrets.
(Psssttt. no leaking!)

  • I pretend that I like punk music. Actually i don't. Forget about liking, I cannot stand it. When I tried hearing it, my eardrums were at the verge of bursting.
  • I pretend that I hate dance. Even thogh I am not good at it (I almost dropped my partner while doing salsa). I enjoy watching it. I love to shake a leg whenever I get the opportunity.
  • I pretend to be a goth/emo and sometimes dress like one too( to the horror of my mother). But I think it looks totally pathetic.
  • I pretend that I like branded/designer. Even though I own quite a few, I think street shopping is the best and quite a bargain!
  • I pretend being dumb and stupid. While in reality I'm quite serious.
  • I pretend that I have hundreds of friends. But in reality, I am a girl who no one even wants to talk to.
  • I pretend that I don' believe in love anymore. But I know It exists.
  • I pretend that I hate pink but in reality I don't think its bad at all! (ps. light shades ONLY)
 8 already? Could write a book on it if mom wouldn't have been shouting to go to bed. But I realize that all these days I was lying not only to others, but myself too.

Thursday, 14 July 2011

A day to remember...

13 July,2011 a day India can never forget. It has been on my mind since a long time and has been brought to the surface by media coverage. What do I have to say? I was just a mute spectator to the terror that unfolded my city.

26/11 can also not be forgotten. As a citizen of this nation, daughter of a defense personnel It is my duty to tell everyone
Remember not to forget
Dont forget how many families were destroyed
Dont forget all the people who laid down their lives so that we have a sound sleep.
Don't forget people who had sleepless nights doing justice..
In all the negitivity spread, some positive things also came to the fore. People irrespective of their religion, caste, creed profession came together. We are allowing parties to divide us on different bases. But we must stand united....

W got to hear collective voice of the youth. We came together strong, loud and comitted
Its time to think how each one of us can get involved individually and take action against this henious crime.

It doesn't take an anniversary to remind us of our duties...does it?I
t's time to rise, lead charge, lead support and make a change!

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Give them a chance

Want to know how was Stanley ka dabba?
Go to your nearest theater. The cacophony that usually surrounds the theatre will be replaced by moist eyes and sealed lips. No, i don't mean to say that the picture was boring. That would be the biggest lie. But It has something which reminds us of our 'dabba' days.

No matter how young, we all have been through a phrase of life when we kill ourselves completely to meet others expectations. We kill our wishes, desires and dreams. We cry, beg and throw tantrums. with our parents to let us not go to school.
 But we do not know how many children in India could achieve great heights if they would ever get a chance. Our parents become bad at that moment when they ask us to switch of the TV and study or perhaps get to bed. ( for a girl like me who gets to bed at twelve). But we tend to forget sometimes that we are fortunate enough to be given a change.

Give them a chance too. There will be smiles on two faces. I bet you!

Random strokes

Seven random things by Mrs. Random personified as herself

I don't usually watch English movies (apart from those disney animated ones). Or lets say, I dont like watching them. If there is an English movie coming on TV I quickly pick up the remote. (side note: BTW, I loed Godfather and Life is beutiful)

I ask billion questions in an hour. Sit with me for an hour so and you will know why.

I am a migrane and asthematic patient which is ofcourse not dangerous but immensely disturbing.

As a kid, all the friends I had were Boys.

I usually talk to small children to reveal their family secrets ( If you have children in your family keep them out of my reach)

I want to grow up and become an industrialist. Not because I want to make piles of money but because business has always fascinated me.

I never wax my leg hair..

Seven already? Could write a book on it! Drop your comments below

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

The road less travelled

As you build your personal and professional brand, one thing to think about is how your education, or lack thereof, is impacting your reputation.

I have a distant cousin who wanted to become an eengineer. So, she took up Science in 11th. Later when she went to do graduation, she took up literature. Weird! Isn't it?

Choosing a right career option is the most vital decision in everyone's life. Students may goes through a dilemma of choosing a career after completing their 10th, 12th or graduation
For all those in tenth, It's the last year to decide what to take up in future. It will have a great impact on our future. I knew what to do right since when I was three. And I stick to it. Fortunately, I have always had my parents support and encouragement.

Have faith in your capibilities and choose a career that will pay off. So that you don't regrett ten years later.

Choose the road less travelled...You will never regrett it!

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Prince charming

There is something about fairytales that has helped them survive for so long. And that is their 'happily ever after' factor. It gives a hope that things will be fine till the very end.Superlatives can define the charm of fairytales but what invokes evokingly is the 'prince charming' thing.

The fact about the disney tales that most of you must have noticed is that they focus more on the charm of the disney princess than the concept of prince charming.But the fairytales will be remembered anyway...

Though I have never experienced this, I have had friends who have gone through this stage which looks glittery in the beginning and shatters your heart into a million pieces in the end. I also know people who have had a positive fate. But good things don't happen to everybody.

My mom says" we all go through a stage in life when we began to believe in the concept of prince charming or soulmate. No matter what happens, don't trust or give yourself completely. The stronger the bond gets the more it hurts."

Don't expect your prince charming to come on a white horse or something. He may come that way or may not come at all. There are other important things in life which we tend to ignore. A soulmate can be anyone. You mom, sister or a bestfriend.

I have had my own struggles..

I sat there argueing with my dad (something which I usually do). "You have never struggled" he said "You have always got what you wanted."

 My light brown eyes reflected anger and astonishment.Later, when I  reflected at his thoughts I was battered. It's not that i have not struggled. I never faced ay sort of financial problem. I was a bright kid and never had to struggle in that aspect too.I have never faced teachers who were against me or any severe form of bullying. I have never had any rivals or somethng like that and have lived my every dream and persued every interest.I have had the best of friends and come from a close-knit family. But hold on. That does not mean that I have not struggled.

I have had my own struggles. I struggled to make myself better each day.My battles were internal. I was fighting with myself, my own negativity. Over the few years I have transformed. I can see a completely new me. People think that the only struggle is struggle for money. But that' not true. My dad has had his own struggles. His struggles were purely financial.

As they say, a lot cannot grow under the banyan tree.

Friday, 17 June 2011

My failed attempts at matchmaking

Admit it or not, we all have tried matchmaking at one point of time. I tried it too with disasterous results. Not the intense kind but just for pleasure. So here I bare by heart and share some of my deepest secret with you all. (Try this at your own risk).

Once while casually going through one of my friend's profile on orkut (my hangout), my eyes stuck at a particular name. The name sounded familiar the picture deceived me.  A few wrinkles appeared on my forehead and tried to remember the person.After a brief research ( melodramatic) I finally knew who the   guy was. My class 4 friend. Let's call him 'A'. The most popular guy in the class. I sent him a friend request hesitantly which he accepted soon after. After a few weeks of regularly chatting with him about school, friends teachers and other unimportant things he told me he wanted to tell me something. I understood at that instant that it has something to do with love ( I had been watching a lot of romantic films at that time). So here's what followed

A: There's a girl I really like.
Me: Wow! that's great..Why don't you tell it to her?
A: She's not the kind of girl who will instantly agree.

The picture that his words framed, suddenly began to resemble me. Subconsiously I knew that he was talking about me. It's not that I liked the guy, but just was pretty curious to know about 'the girl'.

A: okay, so You know who she is.
Me: Send me the link na!

I was mentally prepared for the scene where he would send me my own link. I had even prepared how I would yell at him and throw around dialogues like "How could you even think so!" and "We are just friends"

He sent me her link. Contradictory to my thoughts, It was not me. But a very good friend of mine. I wasn't shattered but found the situation quite funy.

A: She is your friend na! Please Please Please convince her!
Me:Okay baba! I'll try

I lay on my couch for the next few hours thinking about their match. I couldn't shirk the fact that they don't make a good couple. I talked to my sister who is five years younger than me but turns elder as soon as i do something stupid.She told me to go ahead with the plan.

(Next day)
I called up the girl. Let's call her 'B'. After talking for a few minutes about school, friends and other unimportant things, the following conversation took place.
Me: Hey have you heard about A
B: Yeah that *******. Don't talk about him

My heart skipped a beat. What did she mean?

Me:  Hey! What happened?
B: He called me at my home and said the most unpleasant things possible. He told me that you are helping him in 'impressing' me. Can you believe that! (What he said cannot be posted on this site)
I hung up soon after. After throwing a volley of abuses at that guy, I slept with a clear mind and a promise to never try matchmaking again!

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Assorted memories.

Sometimes life moves so fast, that we tend to forget what mattered. I remember while leaving Bangalore, all my friends cried and promised that we will always remain friends and stay in touch. Now when I call them I am greeted by a “I’m busy” or “I’ll call you later”.  Those people who became an important part of my life and never wished to part with them now don’t seem important. My thoughts were beckoned by hot steaming coffee. While lying on my couch and peeing out of my window I began to think about the past which shaped my present and my present which is sculpturing my future. The things which were a part of me. Their memories refuse to fade of...

* passing chits in the class. I love the way we would stealthily pass the chits so the teacher wouldn’t see them. The ultimate consequences would be detention.
*the long phone calls to friends and friends of friends in which go on and on till our parents yell at us.
* going out to eat ice-creams in the night with our pajamas on.
*Eating gol-gappas at roadside stalls and fighting to pay the bill.
*Dancing to the tunes of latest songs.
*Sleepovers! How can I ever miss them out?
*Cooking something which turns out to be terrible.(I loved the way my dad praised it)
*Bad hair days and mood swings.
*Those picnics in which we would go singing in the bus all the way.
*Movies which made our heart melt. We would memorize the dialogues and repeat them next time we would watch the movie.
This blog has become a catalyst. A key that has unlocked so many memories.
These small things make life worth living. Isn’t it?

Beyond boundaries

“Where do you belong to?” A girl of about my age asked me on my flight to Mumbai. “Rajasthan” I swiftly replied. “Oh!” she said with excitement in her voice “Royal Rajasthan. Isn’t it?”. “Yeah” I mumbled. Then what followed was a conversation about Rajasthani cuisines, outfit and places of interests. This is how it dawned on me that how geographical coordinates can change people’s attitude towards you.
 I come from a Military background. I was born in Allahabad. I had the pleasure of eating Gol gappas and Mughlai food in Delhi, enjoyed shopping at Bangalore, endured the climate of Ooty, and relished the mouth watering Gujarati delicacies. Stayed in different parts of the country, adapted their cultures and actively took part in all the festivals and cultural activities let it be the Navaratra in Gujarat or the Durga Puja in Kolkata.  Learnt to speak different languages from Guajarati to Punjabi. I can talk with a tamilian hours about Tamil culture and can dance to the tune of bhangra. My house includes a wide range of handicrafts like any defense personnel’s; the collection includes hay statues from Orissa to silver ornaments from Gujarat.  Then why is my cultural background only limited to Rajasthan?
 When I think about my childhood, what I see looks like a collage with pictures of different states and cultures.  I have immense pleasure in telling people about my colorful childhood. I can go on and on for hours. So why do I have to limit myself to a particular state.  You have to admit, when a person from some other country asks about your heritage, your held lifts high, chest expands, and with a 3 inch wide grin you reply ‘INDIA’. Isn’t that feeling wonderful? People should acknowledge and understand the fact that there is something beyond boundaries.
So next time, if someone asks me about my heritage or state. I am simply going to reply India. Because I do not want to miss the pleasure of discussing about the Indian culture rather than a particular state.