Monday, 30 June 2014

My favorite places on the Earth- II

Matri Mandir, Pondicherry
Pondicherry is one place where you can go over and over again without getting bored. Two hours drive from Chennai, the road makes its way in the list of Top 10 roads of Asia.

If you want a break from your dull and monotonous life, you can wander off to this beautiful place which has so much to offer. You can visit Aurobindo's Ashram, go to Matri Mandir for meditation, or take an evening stroll at the beach.

I remember visiting this place 2 years back with my family on a five day trip. And trust me, i felt 5 days were less to explore the rich culture and history of this town.

Sunday, 29 June 2014

My favorite places on the Earth -I

Panoramic view of San Fransisco! Captured by my lens

In just one visit, it became one of my favorite places on the Earth! :)
The amazing weather, breathtaking view of the city, the cable car ride, Golden gate bridge
everything was so intriguing. Cannot wait to go to this place again :D

But the best thing about this city is the relaxed lifestyle. Despite being a popular tourist destination, the regular hustle bustle and cacophony is absent. A visit of this city certainly helped me get rid of my 'Fear of missing out' :D

Tuesday, 17 June 2014


In seventeen years, six months and fourteen days that I have added weight to the planet earth, I cannot recall a single year in which my family did not pack their luggage and venture out on a vacation. This explains their alacrity to explore a new place, ignoring price sensitiveness.
I have traveled so much, that I jokingly tell my friends that If I ever write an autobiography, it would seem more like a travelogue! 

A few weeks ago, we planned to go on a road trip to the Niagara falls. The mention of the word 'road trip' was enough to make my heart to do a mini jig :D I SO love journeys! By train or by road. Vomiting and restroom problems, notwithstanding.

It was supposed to be an eight hour journey. Preparation begun 2 days in advance. Why? Well the cynicism of my mother of not finding a vegetarian restaurant on our way delayed our trip by a day. After frying 70 odd puris , and packing 30 odd diapers for my baby cousin on board, the trip kick started.

The drive to Buffalo city from New york offers some breathtaking views of the countryside. I saw some visuals which took me back to the cartoons I saw when I was five. The big red barns, mare grazing on hills, crystal clear lakes made me rub my eyes in amazement. 

It seemed like a movie, the proximity of my loved ones, the smooth roads and the pictures painted on the canvas of nature.

Stopped by for a cup of tea. Saw a squirrel and got excited!. HAD to capture this one

We occasionally stopped at Dunkin donuts or Subway to re-energize with a cup of coffee or tea, stare wide eyed at the picturesque landscape and also take a few photographs :D

Destination Niagara!
After an eight hour long drive, we had arrived at our destination. But for the first time, the path, the journey seemed much more exciting than the destination. The roads were much more tempting and fun than the falls, and I was fretting over the fact that the journey had come to an end. 
I had to fight the urge to get out of the car. Not because of my crooked back or stomach overstuffed with Puri and bhaji,or newtons third law of motion. Its the spell that road trips cast on you....that refuses to wash off from the mental cabinet of your brain even as the years roll by.

Monday, 9 June 2014

Writing this post, would be difficult.
This was the first thought that had come to my mind when i had logged into my account after a month long break from writing.
Why? is the question that would immediately pop up in your head. But I would ask you to hold on there, as it is quite a task for me to conceal the jubilation that i am feeling at this precise moment. Another interrogative, but answering that may make me seem like a braggart (mind you! i am extremely conscious about my blogger image)

Amid st the phantasmagoria that engulfs my mind, I would like to rewind a year back,when I had just entered class 12th. Changing schools had never been easy, but to say that changing school in the last year of school life was an ordeal, would be an understatement. I had to constantly juggle between academics which demanded extra attention now, and also peer pressure and jealousy ,something that is inevitable in high school. Also, the burden of sky high expectations from teachers, parents and 'well-wishers' weighed heavily on my shoulders. Bad grades, excess competition, insecurities and my non-existent social life worsened the matter, I often found myself crying to myself at night, trying to reason with the hundreds of 'what ifs?'  that would frequently pop up in my head.

As board exams inched closer, the level of anxiety zoomed. The number of study hours increased, and TV hours became negligible. Hundreds of phone calls, doubt classes and question answer sessions occupied my time table. But on the day of the first exam,I was rather surprised to see my anxiety level nosedive to a shocking 0."I have given my best, leaving God to the rest." Are the words that I had uttered before entering the examination hall.

 I remember myself crying after my English and Accountancy board exam which had not gone as well as I had expected them to go. But all this is history now. I'm proud, not only because of my result, but because I gave in all that I could, worked as hard as I could and saw a facet of myself which was alien to me. I'm glad that I surpassed the benchmark set by my parents and teachers.

The crux of the post would be that , you have one life. No matter what you do, learn to do it to the best of your abilities. Challenge yourself, and surprise yourself. With constant determination, focus and the blessing of your loved ones you can surely move mountains! Even as everything ends, If you can proudly say that you have done your best, you have emerged victorious.