Saturday, 17 November 2012

Quote :)

Random Rants

No one has the right to judge you,They might have heard your stories,Seen your tears, But they have not been through what you have been through.

No Reason...

It is difficult to explain things pertaining to the heart. Difficult to provide reasoning for every thought and every action. Difficult to explain why I end up trusting the wrong people again and again despite been let down a thousand times or why I start things which are meant to end. I have been treading on a path of self discovery and I realized that all my battles are internal. With myself, my own heart. My heart and mid are sworn enemies which try to cease each other's existence. My mind doesn't want to dream, doesn't want to explore, It wants to live in the harsh reality. Want to stop expecting and start accepting things. My heart doesn't allow me to do so. It wants to dream, chase the rainbow, aim for the sky, meet new people.
The constant battle between my head and heart brings a rage of emotions in me which finds its way through my eyes. And I have no reason for it...