Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Hey girl, you are beautiful

It was a lazy Sunday afternoon and I was curled on my bed with a bowl of popcorns and watching roadies rerun (my idea of a perfect afternoon). Suddenly what caught my attention was a girl who wet her eyes saying that in her school years she thought she was ugly and suffered inferiority complex. This comment of hers shook my senses a bit and touched me deep inside. It was indeed hurting to a young girl in her 20’s with a pleasant personality and pretty smile to think she wasn’t beautiful.
This incident also took my mind back to another incident which happened not quite long back. Demi Lovato, the star of Camp rock had just entered the dusty road of stardom .She had recorded her debut album, landed up in her own show and given a superhit movie! A chain of events led her to rehabilitation centre. In her post rehabilitation interview stated that as a child she had a really unhealthy relationship with food and always had a complex about her weight and thought she wasn’t good looking. Her complex catapulted her from Hollywood to rehabilitation centre.
It often disturbs me deeply when girls get these issues about their weight or their face. Often they are convinced that they might not find the right type of guy cause they don’t look how they want to. They cut themselves, stop eating the right kind of food and sometimes even get into severe depression. A survey showed that 8/10 girls aren’t satisfies with the way the look and wouldn’t mind popping diet pills and going for a surgery.
So this is to all the girls out there who think they aren’t pretty. Even though your smile might not be Colgate or SFX material, there are a lot of people who can go to any lengths to evoke it. You might not have the perfect size zero figure but hey curves are in now!You are beautiful in your sweatpants and even without your face caked in make-up. You are truly beautiful, you just need the right person to recognize your beauty!

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