Thursday, 27 September 2012

Only hope

As sheaths of snow,

Cover the dead trees in Winter.

I see a Rose blossoming in December.

Chained by thoughs

The flame of hope flickers,

And darkness sets in.

My thoughts chained by lashes of reality,

Long to be broken.

Sunday, 23 September 2012


Drowned in the sea of emotions,
My soul lays unconcealed; bare.
Silence ceases my existence,
Remorse catches me in its snare.

To the world I was a modest individual,
Infused with naive positivity.
But few knew what lied in the eyes,
Behind my mask of honesty.

Fear leaps into my soul,
Guilt rips me apart.
I long for a new beginning,
I crave for a fresh new start.

I lie at the gravestone of my honesty,
I mourn craving for apology.
I was unfaithful to my world,
I was unfaithful to me.


She dreams..

She dreams as she scorns the voice of her mind,
She dreams with the eyes of her heart.
She dreams of a happy ending,
She dreams of a fresh new start.
She dreams of starting it from the scratch,
She dreams of getting back all the good memories spent.
She dreams despite knowing the fact,
That some stories lack a perfect end.


Friday, 21 September 2012

Unbroken spirit

Looking into the rear view mirror,
scrutinizing every minute detail from my past.
A silvery tears drops from my eye,
As in retrospect I realize why things didn't last.

In my heart wrenching journey of retrospection,
as I dissect each delusion, each fault.
Worms of guilt eat my flesh and slit my heart,
as I tread on the path of emotional assault.

Memories dissolve into silent tears,
Lips whisper "I'm fine"
My feelings disillusioned and energy drained,
My thoughts refuse to align.

I gather myself and pace ahead,
as the former me vanquished in today's events awoken.
I walk forward with broken wings
But my spirit is unbroken.


Thursday, 6 September 2012

Mid summer rain

Your presence is like mid-summer rain,
It relieves me out of anguish and pain.
Your concern makes my life worthwhile,
your words and deeds give me all the reasons to smile.
Your words are like dew drops on the rose,
with your feathery touch in a different world I'm transposed


Sunday, 2 September 2012

Alone in a crowd

As the darkness engulfs the world,
and night narrates its sad story.
Grief inflicts this lamented soul,
and brings a rage of misery.

A silvery tear rolls down my cheek,
as I agonize who I was can no longer be.
Without a solitary instance of self discovery,
I feel like I am a hundred miles away from me.

Journey towards inwards is the longest they say,
and solitude is my sole companion.
In this heart wrenching journey to self discovery
I am confronted by none

Pangs of longing hassle me,
make me want to cry out loud.
I feel dejected by the seven billion on earth,
I feel alone in a crowd.