Thursday, 26 July 2012

Nature divine

The sunlight filters through the canopy of the lush green trees and hits the lake water with unparralleled ferocity.
Water droplets adorn the petals of the lavender lily like pearls which floats on the surface of the lake. Sounds blend to conceive a mellliflous euphony of the chirping of mainas, the sound of the wind and crushing of vagrant leaves. The sun fades and the colour of the sky changes, radiating orange glow which fills up the air.
Exquisite is the word which encapsulates my thoughts about the picturesque landscape painted infront of me.
God expresses his emotions by paiting on the beautiful canvas of nature, and so do I through words.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

self-dicovery lesson

It’s difficult to configure and understand what kind of person I am. My feelings oscillate so frequently leaving me grief stricken at times. I feel I am treading on the path of self-discovery and solitude is my only companion in the heart wrenching journey to self-realization. After some heart breaking and hope draining experiences, now I am capable to distinguish the blurring line between right and wrong. I feel much stronger as a person today but my heart bleeds when my emotions swing and my heart and mind battle with each other to cease each other’s existence.  My gaze shifts to the glass of wine which is so delicate and finely built yet can hold a wine so strong, Capable of taking lives.

My situation is pretty similar, I am strong and weak at the same time. Strong enough to hold on to things, and so weak that can be shattered into pieces by a sudden blow.

Friday, 6 July 2012

you changed me, and then yourself

It seems like, I don't know you anymore. 
There must be tons of my mails in your inbox which you never replied and messages which you say never reached you. 
I realized you have changed. But only if I could make you realize how much you have changed me. What you make me feel about myself. How you have changed my perspective towards almost everything.We called each other best friends, and now we don't even talk. Is this how its supposed to be?

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Power of faith

The darkness of the suffering that engulfs me,
Is darker than the shade of coal
Yet I stand untroubled by grief,
With my invincible soul.

I stumble as I attempt to stand,
My doubts are laced with fear.
But I gather my courage and make an attempt.
To life's principles I have to adhere.

Caught in the web of situations,
I didn't wine or cry out loud.
I tried to untangle every intricate knot,
and find my way out.

In this unconquerable situation,
my heart bleeds to death.
But my heart beats for the lord,
this is the power of faith.