Thursday, 10 November 2011

The best way..

Whew! It's been two months since i stopped by and took a look at whats brewing on my blog! I would have made excuse exams but the truth is that i was caught up in useless gossips and fights that was draining positivity and energy out of me. And now its over ( not the fights, my emotions). Now I'm ready to restart my journey and do the things i truly love. So I came back to writing!

Sometimes you put yourself so much into a situation or perhaps a relationship and you get nothing out of it.
You enjoy those moments for a few moments and think for years where that all has disappeared. You try your best to resolve the problem. You try to cajole, talk, threaten,persuade. Because you see the things in your way, and they see it in their way.
One advice from my side,
just box it up and put it away for a few months. Give it time. The contents of the box should not affect you. Open it after a few months and you will be surprised to notice the new contents :)

Believe me sometimes it does work :)

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