Thursday, 28 July 2011

Sister series Part I

Okay, because a lot of people told me I plan to start the 'sister series' I decided to go ahead with the plan. The idea is to help you out with the problems you face with different things in your life. I will be giving you tips and you can mail me whenever you want. So I hereby present the first ever part of the 'Sister series'!

Sister series Part 1#
For those in 9th and 10th, exams start in a month or so. So I will give you some great tips to score well in your exams. Because Social studies is a subject in which most of the students face problem, I'll tell you how to tackle that. If you follow my tips religiously, no one can stop you from scoring full marks. So here it goes

1. One major mistake that we make is to memorise the questions and answers even before reading the chapter. First read the chapter, and while reading write down the questions that can come for the examination with the help of a pencil. Read the chapter at least 5-6 times and then try to answer those questions on your own.
2. Start the preparation month in advance. Since the syllabus is lengthy, read atleast one chapter everyday.
3. Make notes on all the important names, dates and places and read them in the morning or whenever you get time.
4. Write and practice!
5. Solve sample papers available on websites and in guides.
6. Ask any elder to demonstrate Civics and Economics to you as they are practical based.

1. First practice your NCERT throughly. Examples included.
2. Then move on to R.D Sharma. Practice each and every illustrative example.
3. Study maths for one hour each day without fail.
4. Solve all the sample papers available.

1. Read the chapter and learn all the textual questions.
2. Practice grammer 1 hour daily from refferance books.
3. Learn 2-3 words daily to improve your vocabulary.
4. Solve previous years question papers and write essays.


  1. okey ....agr isne kuch kaam nhi diya toh tera murder pakka.....ha ha ha

  2. amazin............its too go ahead 4 dis

  3. hats off to you yar..! :D

  4. .. i must say i tried it before u told us so...:P yea ... it does work sometimes ... bt i think ... intrest in the subject matters ..:P