Sunday, 31 July 2011

Sister series Part II

What's your type?
Sice most of my target viewers are already teens or o the brink on teenage I'm going to tell you about the different types of boys and girls that exist and from whom you gotta stay away! All you have to do is pick you type!

Mr. Perfect
As the name suggests, Mr. Perfect is always striving for perfection. A little bit here and there, he will twitch his nose. Let it be his uniform, work, notes everything must be perfect and expects the same from everybody. He is punctual and has a sense of responsibilty. Practical and ambitious he lives in his own world!

Mr. I don't give it a damn!
Unlike Mr. Perfct, Mr. I don't give it a damn! doesn't give it a damn! His hair are messy and his shirt is probably two days old. He takes bath once a week and can even eat rotten food! But unlike other people, he is not judgemental and helps people when in need. He is a great listener and has solution for evey problem.

Mr. My family is my world!
Mr. Family is my world is full of traditional values. If his family says no, it's a no. He is the most caring and loving brother and an obidient son. He thinks what his family thinks is correct and what others think is wrong . One great thing about this man is that he will always do what is right, no matter whatever happens!

Mr. I don't believe in love!
Okay, so this one is my favourite! This man has this motto in life "girls come and girls go." The perfect cansanova, he is charming and romantic. However the romance may last only for a short time!

Unlike the men in all the previous categories, this man believes that we get life only once and thus must live it to the fullest. So he is into everything! He is spendthrift and laidback.

Full of laughter and enthusiasm, his stock of PJ's can never get over! He can make you laugh on your gloomiest days. He is sarcastic and understanding.

Mr. Wannabe
This one's totally gross. He has a misconception that branded wear and listening to English songs and dancing like MJ can make him look cool. He has no personality of his own and keeps running behind latest trends and stuff.

Go ahead and pick your type! Drop your comments below.

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