Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Random strokes

Seven random things by Mrs. Random personified as herself

I don't usually watch English movies (apart from those disney animated ones). Or lets say, I dont like watching them. If there is an English movie coming on TV I quickly pick up the remote. (side note: BTW, I loed Godfather and Life is beutiful)

I ask billion questions in an hour. Sit with me for an hour so and you will know why.

I am a migrane and asthematic patient which is ofcourse not dangerous but immensely disturbing.

As a kid, all the friends I had were Boys.

I usually talk to small children to reveal their family secrets ( If you have children in your family keep them out of my reach)

I want to grow up and become an industrialist. Not because I want to make piles of money but because business has always fascinated me.

I never wax my leg hair..

Seven already? Could write a book on it! Drop your comments below