Sunday, 19 June 2011

Prince charming

There is something about fairytales that has helped them survive for so long. And that is their 'happily ever after' factor. It gives a hope that things will be fine till the very end.Superlatives can define the charm of fairytales but what invokes evokingly is the 'prince charming' thing.

The fact about the disney tales that most of you must have noticed is that they focus more on the charm of the disney princess than the concept of prince charming.But the fairytales will be remembered anyway...

Though I have never experienced this, I have had friends who have gone through this stage which looks glittery in the beginning and shatters your heart into a million pieces in the end. I also know people who have had a positive fate. But good things don't happen to everybody.

My mom says" we all go through a stage in life when we began to believe in the concept of prince charming or soulmate. No matter what happens, don't trust or give yourself completely. The stronger the bond gets the more it hurts."

Don't expect your prince charming to come on a white horse or something. He may come that way or may not come at all. There are other important things in life which we tend to ignore. A soulmate can be anyone. You mom, sister or a bestfriend.

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  1. i'll wait for a vampire coming in a volvo.... ha ha ha ha.....