Sunday, 19 June 2011

I have had my own struggles..

I sat there argueing with my dad (something which I usually do). "You have never struggled" he said "You have always got what you wanted."

 My light brown eyes reflected anger and astonishment.Later, when I  reflected at his thoughts I was battered. It's not that i have not struggled. I never faced ay sort of financial problem. I was a bright kid and never had to struggle in that aspect too.I have never faced teachers who were against me or any severe form of bullying. I have never had any rivals or somethng like that and have lived my every dream and persued every interest.I have had the best of friends and come from a close-knit family. But hold on. That does not mean that I have not struggled.

I have had my own struggles. I struggled to make myself better each day.My battles were internal. I was fighting with myself, my own negativity. Over the few years I have transformed. I can see a completely new me. People think that the only struggle is struggle for money. But that' not true. My dad has had his own struggles. His struggles were purely financial.

As they say, a lot cannot grow under the banyan tree.