Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Give them a chance

Want to know how was Stanley ka dabba?
Go to your nearest theater. The cacophony that usually surrounds the theatre will be replaced by moist eyes and sealed lips. No, i don't mean to say that the picture was boring. That would be the biggest lie. But It has something which reminds us of our 'dabba' days.

No matter how young, we all have been through a phrase of life when we kill ourselves completely to meet others expectations. We kill our wishes, desires and dreams. We cry, beg and throw tantrums. with our parents to let us not go to school.
 But we do not know how many children in India could achieve great heights if they would ever get a chance. Our parents become bad at that moment when they ask us to switch of the TV and study or perhaps get to bed. ( for a girl like me who gets to bed at twelve). But we tend to forget sometimes that we are fortunate enough to be given a change.

Give them a chance too. There will be smiles on two faces. I bet you!