Friday, 17 June 2011

My failed attempts at matchmaking

Admit it or not, we all have tried matchmaking at one point of time. I tried it too with disasterous results. Not the intense kind but just for pleasure. So here I bare by heart and share some of my deepest secret with you all. (Try this at your own risk).

Once while casually going through one of my friend's profile on orkut (my hangout), my eyes stuck at a particular name. The name sounded familiar the picture deceived me.  A few wrinkles appeared on my forehead and tried to remember the person.After a brief research ( melodramatic) I finally knew who the   guy was. My class 4 friend. Let's call him 'A'. The most popular guy in the class. I sent him a friend request hesitantly which he accepted soon after. After a few weeks of regularly chatting with him about school, friends teachers and other unimportant things he told me he wanted to tell me something. I understood at that instant that it has something to do with love ( I had been watching a lot of romantic films at that time). So here's what followed

A: There's a girl I really like.
Me: Wow! that's great..Why don't you tell it to her?
A: She's not the kind of girl who will instantly agree.

The picture that his words framed, suddenly began to resemble me. Subconsiously I knew that he was talking about me. It's not that I liked the guy, but just was pretty curious to know about 'the girl'.

A: okay, so You know who she is.
Me: Send me the link na!

I was mentally prepared for the scene where he would send me my own link. I had even prepared how I would yell at him and throw around dialogues like "How could you even think so!" and "We are just friends"

He sent me her link. Contradictory to my thoughts, It was not me. But a very good friend of mine. I wasn't shattered but found the situation quite funy.

A: She is your friend na! Please Please Please convince her!
Me:Okay baba! I'll try

I lay on my couch for the next few hours thinking about their match. I couldn't shirk the fact that they don't make a good couple. I talked to my sister who is five years younger than me but turns elder as soon as i do something stupid.She told me to go ahead with the plan.

(Next day)
I called up the girl. Let's call her 'B'. After talking for a few minutes about school, friends and other unimportant things, the following conversation took place.
Me: Hey have you heard about A
B: Yeah that *******. Don't talk about him

My heart skipped a beat. What did she mean?

Me:  Hey! What happened?
B: He called me at my home and said the most unpleasant things possible. He told me that you are helping him in 'impressing' me. Can you believe that! (What he said cannot be posted on this site)
I hung up soon after. After throwing a volley of abuses at that guy, I slept with a clear mind and a promise to never try matchmaking again!

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