Thursday, 14 July 2011

A day to remember...

13 July,2011 a day India can never forget. It has been on my mind since a long time and has been brought to the surface by media coverage. What do I have to say? I was just a mute spectator to the terror that unfolded my city.

26/11 can also not be forgotten. As a citizen of this nation, daughter of a defense personnel It is my duty to tell everyone
Remember not to forget
Dont forget how many families were destroyed
Dont forget all the people who laid down their lives so that we have a sound sleep.
Don't forget people who had sleepless nights doing justice..
In all the negitivity spread, some positive things also came to the fore. People irrespective of their religion, caste, creed profession came together. We are allowing parties to divide us on different bases. But we must stand united....

W got to hear collective voice of the youth. We came together strong, loud and comitted
Its time to think how each one of us can get involved individually and take action against this henious crime.

It doesn't take an anniversary to remind us of our duties...does it?I
t's time to rise, lead charge, lead support and make a change!


  1. We always say 'have a BLAST' while wishing our frnds on bdays...
    silly kasab took it seriously.....
    dis was ma frnds' status bt its true isn't it.....

  2. Jigayaaaaasaaaaaaaaaaaaa :P

    dis was my frnd's status ?
    and who was the friend ?

    ofcourse ME ! :P

    nupur dekh le mera status tha xD