Tuesday, 13 December 2011

A tribute to the awesomest girl i know!!

What makes your day? Talking to a loved one? Getting complemented by a stranger?scoring good in a class test?or having fun time with friends?

Well, all of the above do certainly make me happy but i cannot say they make my day! What makes my day is talking to my best friend Tanmaya!
We live in different geographical coordinates. But that doesn't make a difference. does it?I still can call her at 12 and tell her how horrible my maths teacher is and tell her how much I miss her.
I can call her and ask her what to do with the friend who stabbed me on the back and she will give the best advice possible.
I don't have to tell her how sad I am because she can sense it from my voice.
I can make fun of her 'dracula teeth' and she can make fun of my height but we burst out into peals of laughter after that!
I don't wake up everyday and tell her that she is my best friend and how much she means to me because she already knows it :)
Sometimes i sit in the class and remember the fun we had together(facial, yas u :p) and i am punished by my chemistry teacher!
I miss every dam thing about her. Her hair, her smile, her society and the way i sprang into her house and helped myself with her lunch box :D
I love you a lot tanmaya! and life seems dull without you :(

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  1. i love u too...dis is so heartwarming.....miss u so damn much! aur maine dracula teeth abhi tak nhin nikal vaaye ;) all for u baby :P