Saturday, 17 December 2011

10 things that make my day :)

1. Waking up and having open chilly cheese toast in breakfast with a glass of mango juice :).

2. Listening to all the good things that people say about me. Positiveness keeps me alive.

3. Watching rerun of roadies and an afternoon show of jane tu ya jane na!

4. Having a burger from McDonalds with a huge glass of pepsi.

5. Doing oil painting, doodling and sketching. I simply love art! Its a great stress booster.

6. Going out with my friends who make me laugh till my cheeks hurt.

7. Talking to an old friend over the phone where she tells me how much she misses me and we talk about the fun we had :)

8. Listening to my favorite songs on Youtube :) and thumb fight with my sister,

9. Shopping! Probably to westside, Levi's or Globus.

10. Playing an amazing prank with a friend!!!

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