Thursday, 29 September 2011

Speak wisely

It's been ages since i came to this blog. My exams just got over, and now i got the time to sit down, peacefully think about something and then pen it down.

I had always thought, that we live in a democratic country where anyone and everyone can voice their opinions. But I grew up to realise that it's not the truth. It's a rule written on the walls. A few days ago some politician expressed his views on twitter. Conclusion: resignation.
On the more personal note, I would like to say that when you form a opinion about somebody, through their actions or their words, It's difficult to keep to oneself. We usually tend to tell it to people! (who tell it to others, and the circle goes on and on) also, in a moment of anger when the clouds of anger cloud the conscience we often tend to say the wrong things and hurt people who mean the world to us!

It has happened to me, both the cases mentioned above...If we have the right to speak, use it wisely. You will never regrett it!

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