Friday, 20 April 2012

The 'wilder' side of me

I being a 15 year old teenager caught in the web of numerous problems and commitments forget how to live life my way sometimes.I swing 'unpredictably' between eccentric and efficient. My eyes dry up completely and face becomes pale. I tend to forget that i am just a normal teenager and this is the stage in which I can live my life completely.

Today while on my way back from a friends birthday party, I behaved in a way which surprised me too. I sat on the seat of the bus accompanied my some other friends behaving like civilized passengers. I suddenly had the urge to sing out loud. So i cleared my throat and started singing like a retard.

Lipstick ka thappa lagati hai galon pe smooch marke...oh meri jaan! oh meri jaan!

Heads turned and eyes popped in amusement. My friends pretended as if they didn't know me. Some people giggled with me while others twitched their nose in disgust. The conductor seemed to enjoy it too! No wonder he didn't ask me to shut up :p

So I returned home with a broad grin on my face today. I truly didn't behave like a civilized citizen but it was more significantly 'me'. And sometimes its important to forget everything and just let yourself go! Instances like this make life worth living. It made me seem like a retard..but who cares? Everyone seemed to enjoy it! Half the job done :)

So this was a wilder side of me. And i realize this 15 year old still has the ability to surprise herself and others sometimes :)

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