Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Curious as a cat-II

1) When have you been the most silent?
There was a phase in my life, when I hardly spoke. Even if someone asked my name, I would mumble something which would sound like a verbal car crash!

2)Describe your favorite outfit. Why is it your favorite?
My favorite outfit is a white color forever new dress cause I shed a lot of wallet on it!

3) Which is the nicest place you have ever stayed?
Ooty! No second thoughts. Who wouldn't like travelling on horses and ponies and living on hills?

4) Would you rather be 4'5 or 7'7?
I'd like to be 7'7 so that I can bash up all people who make fun of me being 5'2...hehe!

5)What is your favorite comfort food and why?
Anything good cooked by my mom! Probably sabudane ki khichdi, methi ka paratha or a regular sized burger from McDonald's.

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