Saturday, 14 April 2012

Strong girls don't cry

She clutched her huge pink teddy almost of her size in her tiny arms and hid her face in his fur. His soft furry coat absorbed the tears which rolled down her cheeks. She could clearly hear her mom and dad shouting and abusing at each other even through the closed doors.
But she stopped herself from crying.
Because strong girls don't cry....

When she went in school, her seniors came upto her and forced her to buy a Cold drink from the money she was supposed to buy her lunch. They snatched money from her clutched fist and she couldn't do anything. She stool there motionless. She stopped the storm of emotions which was about to find its way through her eyes.
Because strong girls don't cry..

She survived on bread and butter for three days when her parents had separated and she had to live with her dad. Her new mom didn't have time for herself, let alone her step-daughter. She took out time from her studies and cooked for her and her dad. But she held back her emotions.
Because strong girls don't cry.

Her voice choked and words couldn't find a way out of her mouth when her Best friend told her to stay away and find new friends instead. The only support she had, was cruelly snatched by fate. Her voice quivered and her eyes watered. But she stopped herself from crying.
Because big girls don't cry....

This is for the girl I know, who didn't cry even after facing so much in her life at a very young age. She inspires me and i totally look up to her. I wish that big girl could lighten up her burden and pain, only if she could cry.

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