Friday, 20 April 2012

Perfect is a part of 'imperfect'

Pinkish, tall, fair, homely, highly educated is the description of a perfect bride according to matrimonial columns. Honestly, these perfect bride and groom wanted descriptions make me laugh. Cause people seek for perfection without first attaining themselves!

Look at your reflection in the mirror. Do you have almond shaped eyes or a perfect size zero figure?or are you 5'9 ? If the answer is no, you cannot expect your partner to be a strait-from-heaven match! Imperfections are a part of life and necessary for sustenance and should be accepted positively.

One thing which i strongly criticize about disney fairytails is the perfect groom/bride factor. It gives us the idea of a prince charming by focusing more on his physical appearance. It has always evoked me provokingly that can't we have a fairy tail which shows us how to find perfection in imperfections. Then Shrek came. My favorite movie in which two 'imperfect' people find their 'perfect' match and live happily ever after!

The core of my blog is that don't seek for perfection in others nor try to change them. Their is beauty in imperfection too. So don't look for a perfect person, but the right one :)

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