Saturday, 7 April 2012

Pulling others down

Let me begin with a short story

Once there was a woman who sold crabs in the market place. A man saw that the basket in which she had kept the crabs, had no led. The crabs could easily crawl out of the basket. So the man walked up to the woman and asked her "Why don't you cover the basket? The crabs might run away!"
"No!" she shook her head sideways. Each time a crab tries to get out of the basket, it is pulled down by the others.

In this competitive world, everyone wants to be ahead in the rat race. To do so, some people enhance their capabilities and push boundaries while others use shortcut methods and pull others down to bring themselves up. We at some point of time in our lives, have tried the second way. But what is the use of a victory only for namesake? A victory for me is a victory if i have shed blood for it and tons of sweat for it. Winning just for the medal is completely useless and naive.

So do your work without being pulled down by others and avoid pulling others down too. :)

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