Monday, 30 April 2012

Distracting from the pain

I have always been a regular visitor to the hospital right since childhood due to my low immunity. I was always suffering from some or the other problem. The whole hospital staff knew me at some point of time :p

So yesterday I made another trip to the hospital. I had to get my testosterone levels checked (it is a hormone). My heart skipped a beat when the doctor scribbled "Bloodtest" on the prescription in big bold letters and tossed it away. I begged and pleaded my mother to not take me to the blood test and told her that I will eat all my vegetables. But I guess my prayers didn't move her and she lashed out at me for creating a scene in the hospital.

I entered the ward crying and pleading my mother to let me go like a three year old child. Eyebrows shot up and the nurse signaled my mother to shut me up. For a minute I had forgotten the fact that I was in the hospital.

I reluctantly entered the room and the nurse greeted me with a warm smile. She asked me to lie down while she was doing something with the syringe. A chill ran down my spine. I lied down and she begin with asking me simple questions like "What is your name?" I replied "Nupur!" with a quiver in my voice. Then she asked me where did I study and did I like the school?

While my mind was fighting an internal battle whether to tell her the truth about my school or not she had injected the syringe in my right arm and the job had been done! I didn't feel the pain simply because she had distracted me from it!

So I am distracting myself from pain today by thinking of all the good that has happened with me so far and thinking of all that can happen. My blood test taught me a lesson which I'm going to cherish for the rest of my life :)

So distract yourself from the pain, this technique really works :D

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